dForce BodyLine for Genesis 8 and 3 Females

dForce BodyLine for Genesis 8 and 3 Females

To be used with dForce.

This product is a two-piece set for Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 Females, that contains the BodyLine Swimsuit and BodyLine Sportstar (Sunglasses). It comes with 8 unique texture sets for the swimsuit and 2 for the sunglasses along with 2 dForce utility fabric options and 1 fabric utility to hide the secondary fabrics on the swimsuit as desired.

If your Genesis 8 & 3 models need a performance swimsuit for a high stakes swimming meet or a fashionable monokini to make a statement during her beach holidays or maybe something small and tidy that will allow her to just soak the sun up...this is the set that you're looking for.
This product has everything from latex materials to imitation snakeskin leather and even a faux wood fabric that comes in tiger stripes pattern (tigerwood anyone?)

The sunglasses have options for 2 different tinted lens and frames that are combinations of blacks and reds.

Both set pieces have various control, fitting and shaping options that will help in getting that perfect look for your Genesis 8 & 3 models.

Included in this package:

For Genesis 8 & 3 Females:

- BodyLine Swimsuit
- BodyLine Sunglasses
- 8 Iray Material Sets for BodyLine Swimsuit, 2 Iray Material Sets for BodyLine Sunglasses, 2 dForce Fabric Settings & 1 Fabric Visibility modifier.

REQUIREMENTS: DS 4.10 (for dForce) . Genesis 8 Female & Genesis 3 Female.

(Please refer to the readme for lots of tips and tricks on working with dForce simulations and settings.)

Thank you for checking this product out! And I hope this product comes to great use in your hands if you decide to purchase it.

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio