dForce - Ciao Bella - G8F

dForce - Ciao Bella - G8F

What's Included & Features

Figures (.duf)
--1 dForce Ready Garment (Top and Pants)

Morph Injections
--Loose Pants
--Tight Pants

dForce Surfaces Presets
--Pants 100% Dynamic-A
--Pants 100% Dynamic-B
--Pants Bottom Flare
--Top Curly Hem
--Top Expand 120%
--Top Silkier

--1 Invisible Ground Plane

Preset Iray Materials (.duf)
--25 Base materials plus Plain White option
--8 Bumps maps, 6 Bump strengths and Bump OFF
--80 Diffuse Colours
--14 Gloss options plus OFF
--6 LIE lace options for top and pants (3 styles in MFlakes and without)
--6 matching fully lace tops (Mats) to compliment LIE Lace above
--LIE Metallic Flake Double Stripes for Pants
--4 LIE Seams (Plain and Lace Edges for Pants and Top Separately)
--50% and 75% LIE Opacity option to thicken some sheer Transparency shaders
--4 LIE utilities to alter gamma on Diffuse Images
--5 Metallicity Strength
--24 Transparencies and Transmaps
--80 Metallic Flakes (MF) Colours
--Various Metallic Flake Options including Blank Out, Plain, ON, OFF, Roughness and Density
--10 Premade Textures

--Smooth ON and OFF
--1 Simulation Setting

dForce Simulations Guide and a guide to my Iray Shader System are also
included to get you started.

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio