dForce Derrick Outfit for G8M

dForce Derrick Outfit for G8M

Hello! This outfit is made for Genesis 8 Male and can be used with or without dForce. This can be used every day or in the sports activity. I hope you'll like it. Three texture packs will come very soon. A fourth texture pack will come later.

A lot of work was made to make this outfit as versatile as possible.

You can combine the pants with almost all DAZ3D boots or shoes while using the three following dials:
- Tuck in boots
- Tuck in boots 2
- Tuck in boots 3

Some boots may require the combination of 2 or 3 of these dials but as a rule:
- use “Tuck in Boots” for lower boots (like Grunge or Hot Shot boots)
- use “Tuck in Boots 2” for mid-boots (like DeNimes or Convergence boots)
- use “Tuck in Boots 3” for higher boots (like Beast Master or Crows Watch boots)
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You can also combine the top with several coats or vests as well as some gloves (See the list below)
In one-click, you can fit Derrick top with AltStyle Jacket, Banker Outfit Waistcoat, Baron Coat, Biker Vest, BSA Jacket, Casual Suit Jacket, Dark Lore Vest, Deck Hand Vest, Demon Master Coat, Den Outfit, DeNimes Jacket, Dragonlord Outfit Coat, EDO Gloves, EDO Jacket, Fall Vibes Jacket, Grunge Cardigan, Hanfu Beizi, Hellfire Shirt, Hippusuta Vest, Hudson Jacket, Iron Wasp ChestHarness, Jasper Black Jacket, LCO Coat, Le Roi Coat, Long Coat Outfit, Luchador Outfit Coat 2, Lucidity Jacket, M3DChuck WO Vest, Medieval Peasant Vest, Mercenary Vest, Modern Military Combat Vest Loaded Male, Noah Sci fi Jacket, Outsider Jacket, Pop Style Jacket, Popstar Jacket, Q Suit Outfit Jacket Closed, Q Suit Outfit Jacket Open, Quest Bound Full Vest, Quest Bound Short Vest, Rock Accessories Arms, Rock Accessories Gloves 02, Rock Accessories Gloves 03, Rock Accessories Gloves 04L, Rock Accessories Gloves 04R, Rock Accessories Gloves 05, Scallywag Vest, Sci Fi Assassin Jacket, Sci Fi Retro Space Suit Gloves, Shrouded Assassin Hood, Sleuth Detective Holster, Smooth Talker Vest, Soho Swag Coat, Street Blade Jacket, Streetscape Outfit Backpack, Suit, Templar Hood, WCS Jacket, Winter Dweller Coat, Wise Master Tunic Outer.

What you get with this package:

- Derrick Boots
- Derrick Pants
- Derrick Top
- Derrick All Wearable (all items loaded in one click)

- 1 Iray texture for the Boots
- 1 Iray texture for Pants
- 1 Iray texture for the Top

- Templates for respective items

This package includes only Iray materials.

Textures Included:
15 Texture maps (4096x4096).

You get 1 texture for each item but this is a multicolor texture.
Multicolor means that you can put any color on any item. The bumps and normals are made so you can do that.
To apply these effects:
- Go to surface tab
- Select the surface(s) of the outfit you want to change.
- Left click on the Base Color's little square on the left and set None. You get a white blank object. Don't worry, it's normal.
- Left click in the Base Color's big white rectangle and apply any color you want.
- You're done for a rendering!

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio