dForce Flower Lingerie G8F

dForce Flower Lingerie G8F

Clothing Flower Lingerie Outfit made for Genesis 8 Female(s).

Other body morphs supported by Auto-follow.

Files included:
1. Flower Lingerie Bow (duf)
2. Flower Lingerie Panties (duf)
3. Flower Lingerie Stockings Left (duf)
4. Flower Lingerie Stocking Right (duf)
5. Flower Lingerie Top (duf)
6. Select Full Garment
7. Preset Cherry Blossom (duf)
8. Preset Koi Waters (duf)
9. Preset Misty Sun (duf)
10. Preset Overcast (duf)
11. Preset Plain (duf)
12. Preset Rising Warrior (duf)
13. Bow Group A Layer One
14. Bow Group A Layer Two
15. Bow Group B Layer One
16. Bow Group B Layer Two
17. Left Fabric Layer One
18. Left Fabric Layer Two
19. Left Ribbon Layer One
20. Left Ribbon Layer Two
21. Right Fabric Layer One
22. Right Fabric Layer Two
23. Right Ribbon Layer One
24. Right Ribbon Layer Two
25. Flower Group A Layer One
26. Flower Group B Layer One
27. Flower Layer Two
28. Panty Band
29. Legband Strap Color
30. Panty Frills Inner Layer One
31. Panty Frills Inner Layer Two
32. Panty Frills Outer Layer One
33. Panty Frills Outer Layer Two
34. Panty Layer One
35. Panty Layer Two
36. Panty Ribbon Layer One
37. Panty Ribbon Layer Two
38. Kimono Sleeves Layer One
39. Kimono Sleeves Layer Two
40. Shirt Collar Layer One
41. Shirt Collar Layer Two
42. Shirt Layer One
43. Shirt Layer Two
44. Shirt Ribbon Layer One
45. Shirt Ribbon Layer Two
46. Shoulder Ribbon Layer One
47. Shoulder Ribbon Layer Two
48. Sleeve Layer One
49. Sleeve Layer Two
50. Bow Fabric Translucency Color
51. Kimono Sleeves Translucency Color
52. Panty Fabric Translucency Color
53. Panty Flowers Translucency Color
54. Panty Frills Translucency Color
55. Shirt Fabric Translucency Color
56. Shirt Frills Translucency Color
57. Shirt Ribbons Translucency Color
58. Stocking Left Fabric Translucency Color
59. Stocking Left Ribbon Translucency Color
60. Stocking Right Fabric Translucency Color
61. Stocking Right Ribbon Translucency Color
62. Ribbon Top Front dForce Off
63. Ribbon Top Front dForce On
64. Simulation Settings for Flower Lingerie

Supported Shapes:

Fitness Size
Victoria 8
Olympia 8
RedAnt G8F Clari
RedAnt G8F Tessa
RedAnt G8F Yanushka

Extra morphs included and Adjustment morphs namely:

Flower Top: Breast Helper Default Lower
Flower Top: Breast Helper Default Upper
Flower Top: Breast Helper Larger Lower
Flower Top: Breast Helper Larger Upper
Flower Top: Breast Helper Midzone Delumpifier 01
Flower Top: Breast Helper Midzone Delumpifier 02
Flower Top: Breast Helper Midzone Delumpifier 03
Flower Top: Breast Helper Strap Lifter 01
Flower Top: Breast Helper Strap Width
Flower Top: Breast Helper Super Fixer
Flower Top: DForce Sleeves Body Distance
Flower Top: DForce Sleeves Separation
Flower Top: Top Expand All
Flower Stockings Left: Stocking Expand All
Flower Stockings Right: Stocking Expand All
Flower Panties: Panty Expand All
Flower Panties: Panty Frills Outer Pressure Up
Flower Panties: Panty Frills Outer Shorten
Flower Panties: Panty Frills Pressure Up
Flower Bow: Bow Forward
Flower Bow: Bow Shape
Flower Bow: Hangings Forward

A detailed list of morphs in the readme.

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio