dforce - Winter Days - Genesis 8

dforce - Winter Days - Genesis 8

Stay warm in this cozy sweater dress for Genesis 8/8.1. Pair with your favorite slouchy boots for a stylish winter look. Dress comes with 2 texture styles and simulation styles. One Loose and One Belted.

Winter Days includes:

1 Dress for Genesis 8/8.1

Detailed Textures
Bump and Transparency Maps


8 Iray Materials for the Dress
8 Iray Materials for the Bra

2 Simulation Settings
1 Tighten Waist Morph Preset

56 Dress Morphs

You can find belted and unbelted simulation settings in the utilities folder. Belted styles look best with the waist tighter morph applied. There is a preset in the Utilities folder called Belted that will turn this morph on for you or you can dial it in the parameter tab.

When using the Belted styles they will automatically apply the Belted Simulation Setting. If you want to use the Belted style with the loose setting you will need to apply the unbelted simulation setting in the utility folder.

dforce is required. when using dforce I recommend applying your body shapes at frame 15 to allow the outfit time to settle around the morphs this is especially useful when using unsupported shapes. Ideally adjustment morphs should be applied at frame 1. Ideally you should apply your pose at frame 30, in some cases you may want to add extra frames after 30 to allow the cloth more time to settle. Some poses may require adjustment. Should you experience mesh explosions check for any parts of the G8 figure intersecting with itself during the animation. This is the most common cause of exploding mesh. If you have any issues with pokethroughs or strange behavior use Animated instead of Current Frame in your simulation Settings.

Clothing loads with dforce settings already applied. You can adapt them to your liking by changing them in the surfaces tab. Other body Morphs will work using autofollow technology. Smoothing can be increased to improve the look of autofollow on more extreme body shapes. Some adjustment may be necessary in extreme poses or with extreme body shapes. Adjustment morphs are included to help with these situations as well as with posing. Autofollow morph results vary.

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Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Female, Victoria 8.1

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio