Nelmi - Anya Corset Dress G8F

Nelmi - Anya Corset Dress G8F

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Product description:

Nelmi - Anya Corset Dress for Genesis 8 Female(s).

Dforce Anya Corset Dress for Genesis 8 Female is a beautiful and elegant, warrior or evening dresss. Many extras are included in this set like 30 additional base colors to change the dress color, dforce presets and a light set that was used in the promos.The dress consists out of the following material zones:

Shirt; Skirt; Corset; Neck trim, Corset trim, Cuffs and Skirt trim.

4K PBR textures have been used to create this set. It has been designed to work with Iray and 3Delight is not included.

What is included?

* 1 x Anya Corset dress and 10 Dress materials for Iray;
* 1 x Light set as used in the Promos (no HDRi is included);
* 30 x Base Color shaders to change the color of the dress. The Glossiness colour needs to be changed manually for the velvet shader to work correctly.
* Buttons are wearable presets. This means that they are not part of the dress. Wearable presets are individual obj's (each button is it's own object) and can be scaled, rotated and moved.
* 10 Button materials for both the shirt and the corset back.
* A large variety of Morphs that can be applied to the dress for better posing.


It is easy to find the buttons. Anya dress has two sets of buttons. 4 Buttons for the shirt and 8 Buttons for the back of the corset. With the Node Selection tool, select the buttons directly from the viewport. When you click on a button it will open in the vieport. Now apply the material preset to one or all buttons. Hold down the shift key and select them all.

Sometimes when the dress is posed, the buttons will move slightly. This is normal. Use the Node selection tool and click on each button. Move them manually into place. They are parented to certain body parts and will not move very far out of the way.

Supported Body Shapes and other body morphs supported by Auto-follow:

Miriam Body.dsf

Many Adjustment morphs included. Detailed list of morphs in readme.

Pose Genesis 8 Female in the Zero Pose and simulate. Important: It is very important that a dForce garment have NO poke throughs or contact with a static surface before simulating. Hide items in the scene that could cause coallition like body surfaces, hair, or other objects in the scene. The dress simulates quickly but it helps to hide all items in the scene not needed when simulating. Afterwards they can be made visible again.

Press the Clear button underneath the Simulation tab after each simulation to prepare the scene for a new sim.

Promotional images were rendered with a HDRI environment and a light from my Essential Lights Iray ( and no postwork was done.

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DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M), Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio