Nelmi - dForce Mini Dress G8F

Nelmi - dForce Mini Dress G8F

Mini Dress for Genesis 8 Female, is a loose fitted, romantic mini dress with a bottom frill.It has been designed with a Shabby-Chic theme in mind and is dforce ready.

Material zones include: Dress Front Left, Dress Front Right, Dress Back Left, Dress Back Right and Frill sections. Included are 10 soft cotton material presets, 10 material presets with metallic maps and 6 lace options for the frill. Materials are designed for Iray only.

The dress is dForce ready and conforms very well without it. 59 adjustment morphs are included to help with the fitting of the dress.

Supported Body Shapes:


Adjustment Morphs include:

All Expand
Arm All L/R
Back All
Basic Breast Bridger
Belly Ab Zone
Belly Lower/Upper
Buttocks All
Chest Breast Area
Chest Lower/Upper
Chest Width Lower/Upper
Collar Zone
Crotch Front/Lower
Hip Lower L/R
Hip Upper L/R
Hip Zone All
Lap Area
Simmed Knee Up L/R
Simmed Kneeling Pose
Simmed Sit Pose
Simmed Skirt Swing L/R
Simmed Skirt Wrinkles 01-02
Simmed Walk Back L/R
Simmed Walk Fwd L/R
Skirt Back All
Skirt Front All
Skirt Hem Length
Skirt Left All
Skirt Right All
Skirt Swing Fwd/L/R
Skirt Width 01-05
Thigh All L/R
Thigh Back L/R
Thigh Front L/R
Thigh Outside L/R
Torso Side All L/R
Waist 02

Pose Genesis 8 Female in the Zero Pose and simulate. Important: It is very important that a dForce garment have NO poke throughs or contact with a static surface before simulating. Hide items in the scene that could cause coallition like body surfaces, hair, or other objects in the scene. The dress simulates quickly but it helps to hide all items in the scene not needed when simulating. Afterwards they can be made visible again.

Press the Clear button underneath the Simulation tab after each simulation to prepare the scene for a new sim.

Promotional images were rendered in Daz 4.12 with Pastel Portrait Lights by Nelmi.

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You are not allowed to give this package away as a gift or share it on torrent sites.

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio