Raypunk Santa - Original Toon Santa Claus for Poser

Raypunk Santa - Original Toon Santa Claus for Poser

Raypunk Santa takes Toon Santa into outer space in an old fashioned 1950s style space suit and rocket pack. It also includes Raypunk Santa's rocket ship pajamas, for relaxing after a space flight, his big rocket ship, and ladder.

Toon Santa ™ for Chunk™ is the incredible Santa Claus character for use with Poser 9 or higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher. Output will depend on the renderer.

Because Toon Santa is based on Chunk, all clothing is revised and removable, so you can switch and swap props and clothing easily. It requires Chunk 3D, a free model. Chunk is available for free from https://mirye.net/mirye-store/product/chunk-base

Clothing & Props

- Raypunk Santa Space Coat
- Raypunk Santa Space Pants
- Raypunk Santa Space Gloves
- Raypunk Santa Space Belt
- Raypunk Santa Space Boots
- Raypunk Santa Rocket Pajamas
- Raypunk Santa Helmet
- Raypunk Santa Rocket Pack
- Raypunk Santa Rocket (for Rocket Pack)
- Classic Fluffy Eyebrows
- Classic Hair
- Helmet Ready Beard


- Adjust Helmet
- (Chunk) Holding Helmet
- (Helmet) Holding Helmet
- Heroic Fly
- Jump
- Moonwalk
- Reset
- Thumbs Up


- Raypunk Santa has a separate pose for Chunk and the Helmet for posing Raypunk Santa holding the helmet.
- Raypunk Santa uses base texture maps that are compatible with both Poser 3D and DAZ Studio. If you want to duplicate the high quality red reflective surface, use the free GhostShip Poser 11SuperFly Uber Shader v3.

Software: Poser 8+

Requirements:  Chunk 3D, a free model available here https://mirye.net/mirye-store/product/chunk-base

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio