Riviera Textures For GF3

Riviera Textures For GF3

Riviera Texture for Riviera Outfit

Little light spring-summer outfit that is worn on the French Riviera.
It consists of a straw hat, a sweater and shorts.

This package contains:

Materials Iray (.DUF)

RI Hat.duf
RI Pull 01.duf
RI Pull 02.duf
RI Pull 03.duf
RI Pull 04.duf
RI Pull 05.duf
RI Pull 06.duf
RI Pull 07.duf
RI Pull 08.duf
RI Pull 09.duf
RI Pull 10.duf
RI Pull 11.duf
RI Pull 12.duf
RI Pull 13.duf
RI Pull 14.duf
RI Pull 15.duf
RI Pull.duf
RI Short 01.duf
RI Short 02.duf
RI Short 03.duf
RI Short 04.duf
RI Short 05.duf
RI Short 06.duf
RI Short 07.duf
RI Short 08.duf
RI Short 09.duf
RI Short 10.duf
RI Short 11.duf
RI Short 12.duf
RI Short 13.duf
RI Short 14.duf
RI Short 15.duf
RI Short.duf

Character, hair, Background, floor ( IRAY HDRi environments set ) on images are NOT included!

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio