RP Salty Scarlett

RP Salty Scarlett

RP's Salty Scarlett is a new fantasy pirate outfit for Genesis 8. Whether she's pillaging and plundering or hanging out in the crow's nest, your favorite gals will be looking sexy doing it in the Salty Scarlett outfit!!

The Skirt and the Top both have simulation surfaces. They will both work "fair" without simulation, depending upon the pose you use, but will look better running them through simulation. In the case of the top, it is only the sleeves and the chest flounces that will simulate.


- Salty Scarlett Arm Guards
- Salty Scarlett Belt, with large sword, pouch, and compass propped
- Salty Scarlett Belt without Sword
- Salty Scarlett Boots
- Salty Scarlett Hat
- Sarlty Scarlett Pants
- Salty Scarlett Skirt
- Salty Scarlett Sword Belt, propped to belt
- Salty Scarlett Sword 1, Left and Right hands
- Salty Scarlett Sword 2, Left and Right hands
- Hand poses for left and right hands, both swords
- Default poses for all
- one extra mat setting for skirt
- two extra mat settings for top

The Salty Scarlett Belt with Sword, includes the SS Sword 1 in a balister attached to belt and also a compass, both of which are propped to the belt with a rigid follow node. This is so that the sword in the balister and the compass will follow the morphs and poses better than just a normal conformed or propped item. In most cases, they will not need any adjustment, depending upon the poses you use. They can both be selected individually and adjust or deleted, however, if you want them back in your scene you'll have to load the belt again. The belt is also provided without the sword.

The Salty Scarlett Sword 2 (front) is created to prop to the belt as well, and the belt includes a morphalled "Adjust for Front Sword” to acomodate it. Depending upon the morphs and poses you use, you may need to adjust the sword using the rotate dials. This sword loads in a scabbard onto the belt.

Both swords are provided to load either to the left or right hands, and will load with the appropriate hand pose.

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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