Secret Santa for Poser

Secret Santa for Poser

Somehow, Santa always seems to know what you want, and may even give you a special gift on the sly. Secret Santa comes with two different texture sets: general spy clothing as well as more Christmas-y green.

Secret Santa is an add-on product for the free Chunk 3D model, available at

Clothing and Props for Secret Santa

-Secret Santa Coat ( Standard & Green Versions)
-Secret Santa Coat Belt (Standard & Green Versions)
-Secret Santa Shoes
-Secret Santa Pants (Standard & Green Versions)
-Secret Santa Sweater (Yellow pattern and Red & White pattern versions)
-Secret Santa Fedora Hat (Standard & Green Versions)
-Secret Santa Glasses
-Santa's Beard
-Santa's Mustache
-Santa's Hair
-Santa's Eyebrows

Poses for Secret Santa

-Belly Laugh (Sweater)*
-Doffing Hat (with separate pose for the hat)
-Hiding Face with Hat
-Holding Glasses
-Shush and Sneak
-Standing with Crossed Legs
-Touch Chin

Notes on Secret Santa

*Belly Laugh is a modified version of a pose from a different version of Toon Santa altered to fit the dimensions of Secret Santa wearing a sweater.

Software: Poser 8+

Requirements: Chuck from

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio