Street Sport Style: Sports Suit for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Street Sport Style: Sports Suit for Genesis 3 Female(s)

This set is represented by six unit of clothing - Hoodie, Hoodie Down, Sport Pants, Sneakers, Scarf, Hanger A (props) and supplemented by a dozen themed poses for Genesis 3 Female, this time it poses dressing and undressing above listed clothing and high dynamic morphs for the clothing. there are also many interesting features, rolling the sleeve of hoodies, 4 morph hood changes, and a lot of morph - correctors for Down hoodie and Sports Pants, tying Shoe laces on the hood and Sports Pants, opening the Velcro on sneakers and more.. Dynamic morphs for clothing made for your character G3F, other modifications of the morphs may not work correctly and require adjustments to the provisions of clothing. Please leave your wishes and reviews. Thank you for supporting my product, Nice render!

Compatible Products / Software:

This clothing set was created for:
Genesis 3 Female by Daz3D

Supported Genesis 3 Female figures:
Teen Josie7
Bethany 7
Sunny 7
+ several Genesis 3 Female bodyshapes

Not support Gia7,Lilith7,Genevieve7,Olympia7 (These models have significant changes from the base G3F and autofollow not able to port the clothing, the formation of large defects and loss of product quality. For these models it is necessary to produce the products individually for each of the following).

This clothing set works in:
DAZ Studio 4.8 or higher

Set of clothes Street Sport Style: Sport Suit for G3F consists of 6 pieces:

1 Hoodie
2 Hoodie Down
3 Sports Pants
4 Sneakers
5 Scarf
6 Hanger A (props)

!!BONUS!! There are 23 themed (16 undress) poses for Genesis 3 Female , available for selection in the subfolder "poses" in the product folder "Sports Suit " Content library
TABs and 32 dynamic clothes morphs for clothers set, available for selection in section morphs in the parameters tab.
All poses are numbered and contain titles, morphs for clothers well contain names and numbers. You have to set the G3F in Your chosen pose (see number) , in the tab "SCENE" select.
"hoodie, hoodie down ,sports pants, sneakers or scarf" and in the tab "Parameters" - morphs - morphs loader to select and activate the morph corresponding to the number of poses G3F.
Morphs without numbers operate in accordance with their names , positions they choose on their own. If you are not satisfied , there are also ADJUSTMENT morphs and correctives .

What you get with this package:

06 Geometry files (.duf):

01 Super-Conforming Weightmapped Hoodie for G3F with Morphs (.duf)
01 Super-Conforming Weightmapped Hoodie Down for G3F with Morphs (.duf)
01 Super-Conforming Weightmapped Sports Pants for G3F with Morphs (.duf)
01 Super-Conforming Weightmapped Sneakers for G3F with Morphs (.duf)
01 Super-Conforming Weightmapped Scarf for G3F with Morphs (.duf)
01 Hanger A (props) (.duf)

52 Material Presets for Iray (.duf)
52 Material Presets for 3Delight (.duf)


90 complete high resolution texture/bumpmaps/displacement/normal map (4096x4096) (.jpg)

Software: Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio