Suzi Moonbeam: Galaxy Defender, Part Two

Suzi Moonbeam: Galaxy Defender, Part Two

The small Earth-like planet of Pran is still stuck in the 50's. The scifi 50's that is. Even though it is the year, 3015. But the folks there love their sci-fi, especially when its cheesy and there is a need for a sweet and adorable hero, like Suzi Moonbeam, to have a killer ray-gun to terminate those scary, creepy-crawly, universe-bent-on-domination, creatures of their fertile imagination. Proving Quantum Physicians right in their belief that the universe, or at least this part of it, is a product of a collective subconscious, or in other words, the stuff we dream up! Luckily, Suzi Moonbeam is there whenever the universe needs saving (again), with her Killer Raygun in hand. It's Suzi Moonbeam, to the rescue!

A companion set for our Suzi Moonbeam, Galaxy Defender, Part One (highly recommended) but may be used with Victora 4.2 and the ++ and elite morphs (morphs optional). Suzi Hair by Biscuits also highly recommended

This set includes:

1) Clothing (.cr2)

~ Suzi Thigh Strap (rigged specifically for Suzi)
~ V4 Thigh Strap (rigged for the default V4 figure and supports the ++ & Elite morphs, except for emaciated and heavy)

2) Props (.pp2)

~ Holster with Raygun (universal)
~ Holster with Raygun_sp (smart prop - right thigh, Thigh strap or V4 figure)
~ Raygun (universal)
~ Raygun_rh (smart prop - right hand)

* Holster has morph to hide/show raygun. Raygun has morphs for Stun and Decimate firing of raybeam options.

3) Clothing & Prop Textures & MATs (.mc6 - Superfly and Firefly versions)

~ Holster Any Color
~ Holster Default
~ Raygun Any Color
~ Raygun Default
~ Thigh Strap Any Color

The AnyColor mats are designed so you can easily color the item(s) anyway you like.

4) Suzi Poses (Figure Poses - .pz2, Facial Expressions - .fc2, Hand Pose - .hd2)

~ 20 Facial Expression poses, plus one zero expression pose
~ 01 Hand Pose for Raygun
~ 25 Figure Poses for Suzi, plus one zero pose

Poser 9+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio