Your Wild Star for Genesis 8 Females

Your Wild Star for Genesis 8 Females

So wild & shining full outfit for G8 & G8.1 females.

A wild west style & a stage performer, gorgeous & attractive outfit of a dForce open-jacket & four other conforming
pieces, If you want something for wild wild west, or a star shining on the stage, or maybe a patriot beauty, then, this one is for you.

Included in this package:

* dForce open Jacket
* Conforming one-shoulder top
* Conforming pants (full pants that are not cut from under the boots)
* Pair of conforming thigh high boots
* Cowboy style hat (loads up with its own hat/hair helper)

* 4 Material Presets for each piece (jacket, pants, top, boots, hat)
* 2 Material Presets of Displacement off/on for the jacket
* 5 Material Presets for the jacket back printing (4 options working on any jacket color, & NO printing)
* 2 presets for the boots as high heeled & flat soled
* 2 presets for the jacket to hide/show the arms (armless or full)
* 2 presets for the jacket to hide/show the tassels
* 2 presets for the top to hide/show the lace
* 1 preset for the Hat Helper to zero-out all its Adjustment morph dials
* 1 preset for dForce simulation (usues "Best" collision mode & Start Bones from memorized pose)
* Metadata for (Smart-Content) included

* more than 15 custom Genesis 8 Female Bodies supported (Aiko 8, Babina 8, Charlotte 8, Gia 8, Girl 8, Teen Josie 8, Teen Raven 8, Victoria 8, Zelara 8, Victoria 8.1, Jinx Jones 8.1, Cleopatra 8.1, Brooke 8.1, FBM Fitness, FBM Bodybuilder, FBM Voluptuous, (Kitten & Kitten Chaton by zoro_d) & (Chameleon ROse 1 & 2 by zoro_d)
* several Daz3d partial body morphs supported (Waist Width, Pregnant, IliacLine, LineaAlba, Stomach Depth, Breasts Size, Breasts Cleavage, Breasts Heavy, Breasts Implants, Nipples & Navel morphs)

- Hat helper is made Specially for this outfit & works Only for Genesis Females (If you want something that works
with any style of Hats & works for both males or females, then refer to other hair helper products through marketplace)
- Hat helper may not work 100% flawlessly with every hair style but it will help you to ease the process of fitting most of the hair under the hat to a certain degree.
- Check out Parameters tab > Actor > Adjustments for each outfit piece to find some Morph dials to help you fix possible poke-through (if any).
- For Kitten character for G8F (The Jacket supports all its 5 breasts sizes, but the top only supports breasts size 1 & 2 & 4 & 3-Bra), (Chameleon ROse character's cleavage & breast size are supported by the jacket & the top)

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio