RP CruX Sweet Rebel for La Femme

RP CruX Sweet Rebel for La Femme

CruX Sweet Rebel is a fabulous addition to LaFemme's wardrobe. It is a standalone package, but can be mixed and matched with pieces from other packs like LF Charade, LF NyX Destiny, or LF Ruffian Boots, as shown in several of the promotional images.

In this Sweet Rebel package, you get a very versatile dress, a belt, bracers for the left and right arms, and a sweetheart necklace. You can read about the individual pieces below.

Included in this package:

- CruX Sweet Rebel Dress (.cr2)
- CruX Sweet Rebel Belt (.cr2)
- CruX Sweet Rebel Braces, L & R (.cr2)
- CruX Necklace (.pp2)
- CruX Panties (.cr2)

- 2 Textures for dress
- 1 Lace Texture for dress chest
- 3 Textures for dress skirt
- 1 Texture for the panties
- gold and silver shaders for all metal

The dress includes adjustment and movement morphs and it also has lots of material zones for maximum creativity if you like to create your own textures or experiment. Dress material zones include collar, chest, chest sides, abdomen, skirt, dress, zipper, and zipper pull.

In addition to full support for LaFemme's base body morphs, as well as Blackhearted's Femme Fatale morphs and Deecey's LaFemme body kit, there are many dress morphs included and are listed in the readme file.

The Sweet Rebel Necklace is a prop and was created to wear over the dress, but many morphs are included in order to adjust it to wear with other clothing, or alone.

The Sweet Rebel Belt was also created to wear with the SW Dress, and also include movement and adjustment morphs.

All material presets include shaders optimized for both FireFly AND SuperFly.

Software: Poser 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Female Poser Figure

Compatible figures: 
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