STUD for L'Homme Vampire

STUD for L'Homme Vampire

Designed with style in mind...

Runtime STUD finder... with this sexy design set for L'Homme Vampire by RPublishing & 3DTubeMagic.
STUD is a must have design expansion pack, with 7 new styles for each piece.

This set is full of style, each piece designed with fashion in mind.
Different fabrics, decoration and design elements makes each style unique and fashionable.
High fashion demands quality of work and design. STUD has all that, and more...

Unique styles, by design.

STUD ~L'Homme Vampire~

7 new styles for L'Homme Vampire


7 styles for the Boots (.mc6)
7 styles for the Cape (.mc6)
7 styles for the Hat (.mc6)
7 styles for the Pants (.mc6)
7 styles for the Shirt (.mc6)
7 styles for the Vest (.mc6)

42 total mat poses (.mc6)
82 total texture maps(.jpg) including Texture, Bump, and Transparency maps as required.


Poser 11+

L'Homme Vampire by RPublishing & 3DTubeMagic

Software: Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: L'Homme Pro - Male Poser Figure, L'Homme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Required Products: L'Homme Pro - V.2, L'Homme Vampire

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser