STUD_LH Gym Clothes

STUD_LH Gym Clothes

Designed with style in mind...

Runtime STUD finder...
look the part, with this stylish new design set for L'Homme Gym Clothes by RPublishing & DragonFly. STUD is a must have design expansion pack, with 7 new styles for each piece. Plus Bonus overlays for the gloves, shorts and tank top, for ultimate style possibilities.

~STUD_LH Gym Clothes~

7 new styles for L'Homme Gym Clothes


7 styles for the Tank Top(.mc6)
7 styles for the Shorts(.mc6)
7 styles for the Shoes(.mc6)
7 styles for the Gloves(.mc6)

7 TANK TOP overlays that can be used on any of the shirt base shades(.mc6)
7 SHORTS overlays that can be used on any of the shorts bases(.mc6)
3 GLOVES overlays that can be used on any of the gloves bases(.mc6)
7 LEGGINGS ONLY styles for the shorts(.mc6)

52 total mat poses (.mc6)
70 total texture maps(.jpg) including Texture, Bump, and Transparency maps as required.

Software: Poser Pro 11, Poser 12

Compatible figures: L'Homme Pro - Male Poser Figure, L'Homme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Requirements:  L'Homme

Required Products: L'Homme Gym Clothes

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser