Summer Fling for Dynamic Cocktail Dress

Summer Fling for Dynamic Cocktail Dress

Recently updated for Superfly and previously sold at HiveWire. Ever wanted a cocktail dress that wasn't so serious, something a bit more celebrant of the summer flowers? Well now you can have it!

Summer Fling is a collection of flirty, summery floral textures for the Dynamic Cocktail Dress, so that Dawn or Victoria 4 can have a light playful day or night.

Also included is a dynamic underskirt to be used with the Cocktail dress for a layered look.

There are 6 lovely materials for the dress, 6 matching materials for the Underskirt, plus versions of the 6 textures with a sheer skirt to reveal the underskirt underneath.

What's Included & Features

Props (.pp2)
Dynamic Underskirt for Dawn
Dynamic Underskirt for Victoria 4

Materials (.mc6)
6 Textures for the Dynamic Cocktail Dress
Floral Black
Floral Blue
Floral Cream
Floral Mint Green
Floral Purple
Floral Red
6 Textures for the Dynamic Underskirt
Plain Black
Plain Blue
Plain Dk. Cream
Plain Mint Green
Plain Purple
Plain Red
6 Textures for the Dynamic Cocktail Dress with a Sheer Skirt
Floral Black Sheer
Floral Blue Sheer
Floral Crealm Sheer
Floral Mint Green Sheer
Floral Purple Sheer
Floral Red Sheer

Flirty, summery floral textures and a new underskirt for the Dynamic Cocktail Dress. Compatible with Poser 7+ (V4 FF), 9+ (Dawn FF), 11.2+ (Superfly)

Software: Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Dawn, Dawn S.E.

Compatible figures: 
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