Code Squad 01: Dystopian Army

Code Squad 01: Dystopian Army

Dystopian Army is not a simple add-on for Code Squad 01 for Genesis 8 Female(s), in fact we tried something new: we created an enhanced version of the top, which is a different item, with high-resolution details and additional parts (armor plates on the arms and back) to offer a more meaningful and inherently different version that would change the very nature (mesh and style) of the base product.

This is not all, we actually created two versions of the top: the Dystopian Army and the Dystopian Army Damaged. For the damaged version we are using the very mesh we sculpted in high-res inside Daz Studio (after optimizing it), so that the melted metal and ruined fabric effect is real and not created by the textures, but only enhanced.

To create an even more military feel, we added armored shin-wears, shin-guards with a metal protection that matches the ones added to the top.

We also included a Tablet, which is available in three styles and one damaged style. It has a unique, dystopian futuristic flair and was textured with our usual attention to detail and quality.

All in all this is really a different version of Code Squad 01 that focuses on a specific style, a fictional Dystopian Army setting that can actually work well for a variety of styles. Futuristic-dystopian in a wide sense of the world, but also regimental, post-apocalyptic and post-fallout; both modern and futuristic. Or even as an alternative take at the dictatorships of the past, as is often done in fiction. Of course it can also just be a more regular futuristic style with an aggressive flare.

In the Dystopian folder you will find alternative top items: Dystopian Army and Dystopian Army Damaged and additional items: the shinwears and tablet (for both G8 female and male). For the skirt and shoes you will find no alternative items, but carefully crafted textures and styles.

There are two different color palette / materials sets for the Dystopian Army, while both versions (regular and damaged) get an additional 6 materials for the metals only, so that they can easily be customized to your liking. The Dystopian Army alternative metals come with and without logo options, so you can add your own logo on the texture or in postwork if you are so inclined.

There are no no-logo options for the damaged version, since it is already hardly visible there.

What's Included and Features

  • Code Squad 01: Dystopian Army (.DUF)
  • 00-Complete Dystopian
  • 01-Dystopian Army Damage Top
    • Back Bottom /InOut
    • Bottom Enlarge All
    • Front In/Out
    • Left Side In/Out
    • Left Wrist Enlarge
    • Neck Enlarge
    • pJCMCollarUp_55_L
    • pJCMCollarUp_55_R
    • pJCMShldrUp_90_L
    • pJCMShldrUp_90_R
    • Right Side In/Out
    • Right Wrist Enlarge
  • 01-Dystopian Army Top
    • Back In-Out
    • Bottom Enlarge
    • Brst IIn-Out
    • Brst Resize
    • Front In-Out
    • Left Shoulder Up
    • Left Side In-Out
    • Left Wrist Enlarge
    • Neck Resize
    • pJCMCollarUp_55_L
    • pJCMCollarUp_55_R
    • pJCMShldrUp_90_L
    • pJCMShldrUp_90_R
    • Right Shoulder Up
    • Right Side In-Out
    • Right Wrist Enlarge
    • Top Chest In-Out
  • 06-Shinwear Left
    • Ankle Enlarge More
    • Ankle Enlarge
    • Over Shoes
    • Top Enlarge
  • 06-Shinwear Right
    • Ankle Enlarge More
    • Ankle Enlarge
    • Over Shoes
    • Top Enlarge
  • Materials Iray (PBR Metalness / Glossy)
    • Dystopian 01
      • Dyst1_Full
      • Dyst1_Panties
      • Dyst1_Shinwears
      • Dyst1_Shoes
      • Dyst1_Skirt
      • Dyst1_Top
    • Dystopian 02 (alternative color scheme)
      • Dyst2_Full
      • Dyst2_Panties
      • Dyst2_Shinwears
      • Dyst2_Shoes
      • Dyst2_Skirt
      • Dyst2_Top NoLogo
      • Dyst2_Top
    • Top Metals only MATs
      • Metals_Dyst01
      • Metals_Dyst02 NoLogo
      • Metals_Dyst02
      • Metals_Golden NoLogo
      • Metals_Golden
      • Metals_Leather NoLogo
      • Metals_Leather
      • Metals_Painted NoLogo
      • Metals_Painted
      • Metals_PeelingOff NoLogo
      • Metals_PeelingOff
      • Metals_Roughed NoLogo
      • Metals_Roughed
    • Dystopian Damaged
      • DystDMG_Full
      • DystDMG_Panties
      • DystDMG_ShinL
      • DystDMG_ShinR
      • DystDMG_ShoeL
      • DystDMG_ShoeR
      • DystDMG_Skirt
      • DystDMG_Top
    • Top Metals only MATs
      • MtlDmg_Dyst
      • MtlDmg_Golden
      • MtlDmg_Leather
      • MtlDmg_Painted
      • MtlDmg_PeelingOff
      • MtlDmg_Roughed
    • Hide MATs
      • !UnhideAllDys
      • HideArmsDys
      • HideChestDys
      • HideNeckDyst
      • TopOnlyDyst
  • Props
    • Dystopian Tablet
      • Dystopian Tablet Left G8F
      • Dystopian Tablet Right G8F
      • Hand Pose - Dyst Tablet Left Hand G8F
      • Hand Pose -Dyst Tablet Right Hand G8F
      • Dystopian Tablet Left G8M
      • Dystopian Tablet Right G8M
      • Hand Pose -Dyst Tablet Left Hand G8M
      • Hand Pose -Dyst Tablet Right Hand G8M
    • Materials Iray
      • Tablet_CS01
      • Tablet_CS01Dmg
      • Tablet_PostApo
      • Tablet_Victorian
  • Textures Include
    • 215 Base Color, Emissive, Height, Glossy, Metallic, Normal, Roughness (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Required Products:

Code Squad 01 for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: