Code Squad 01 Xps

Code Squad 01 Xps

Xps for Code Squad 01 is an add-on package for Code Squad 01 for Genesis 8 Female(s) that expands on the sci-fi and futuristic side of the main product with two different textures styles (Sci-Stylish and Spaceset) that comes in 4 variations each, three sets of stockings in various lenghts and with additional morphs and Dirt LIE options for all the basic and new pieces (Top, skirt, panties, stockings and shoes) and complete MATs (for the Styles and for the Styles + LIE) for easy fruition of all the options.

The included texture styles both explore different nuances and sub-genre of what the comprising term Sci-fi includes.

The Sci-Stylish style is a "classic", space-station or futuristic lab sci-fi style, it also has a retro feeling with its 70s variants:

  • SCI-STYLISH: high-contrast red and white palette that fits all classic futuristic settings
  • BEE: futuristic sci-fi black and yellow (and gray) "bee" palette, another versatile classic
  • ELEGANT 70s: a leather version embodying a vintage sci-fi taste
  • METALLIC 70s: a white and metal version hinting at the sci-fi highly-metallic vision of the 70s

The Spaceset style is inspired by mechs, it has an armor-like breastplate and features high-tech and carbon fibre fabrics:

  • SPACESET: a classic dark and white palette with a striking yellow painted metal chest
  • SPACESET 2: the "inverted" main version, colors and materials exchange places and the yellow paint becomes green
  • BLACK and GOLD: a more elegant and higher rank version where black and gold create that feeling of superiority
  • CRYSTAL: a light blues and greys palette for a more delicate, futuristic-new-age take on the style


This add-on includes 3 pairs of stockings: a regular pair, a falling down pair and a fallen down pair. These three pairs are all separate items so that they will pose perfectly with Genesis 8 (having the falling down options as morphs would have created bad deformation when Genesis 8 moves), they also include some morphs for different falling/fallen down looks.

Note that they are 6 different items, so you can nicely mix and match them all for the look you are after!

In addition to the Sci-Stylish and Spaceset styles we included a Lace and a Simple styles that allow them to match with anything you want. The Lace style has a futuristic pattern on it and comes in 3 different lengths for the top part and 3 materials (classic, silk and metallic) in several colors (note that by using the white version and changing the Base_Color, you can easily customize the color to match your outfits). The Simple comes in white and 50 Base_Color-only MATs to easily re-color it to match any other outfit. It also comes in a Dystopian color + logo version that you can use to match the Dystopian add-on in case you have it.

The Stockings also includes a "Fit Shinwear" morph, again this is something you'd use if you also have the Dystopian add-on as it is supposed to be used with the Dystopian shinwears.

LIE Dirt:

The dirt option comes in the format of LIE maps and MATs files. They are all .jpg files for easier fruition and quicker loading (however it always takes a little time for LIE options to load).

The Dirt comes in "regular" and lighter version. Note that the dirt strength is controlled by the included opacity maps, so if you want to customize it, you can actually play with the opacity maps contrast or levels and obtain something that better fits your needs. You can also edit the Base_Color maps for the dirt if for any reason you want it another color or nuance.

Since LIE is a bit slow to load, we included complete maps for all the styles (including Code Squad 01 main styles) that load the whole style with the dirt LIE already applied so that is just a matter of a click for you!

This set expands the concept of "Aeon Soul's wardrobe power" even further giving you more options for Code Squad 01, more items (the stockings) and more customization (LIE dirt) so that is even easier to create your own unique characters by mixing and matching or kit-bashing outfits.

Please note that these textures and LIE options are not compatible with the Dystopian add-on, however you can use the stockings with that add-on as we included a style and morphs to make them work with the shinwears.

What's Included and Features

  • Code Squad 01 Xps
    • Stocking Down Lft
      • Dystopian Army Fit
      • Inflate All
      • Variation 01-02
    • Stocking Down Rgt
      • Dystopian Army Fit
      • Inflate All
      • Variation 01-02
    • Stocking Knee Lft
      • Inflate All
      • Variation 01-03
    • Stocking Knee Rgt
      • Inflate All
      • Variation 01-03
    • Stocking Left
      • Dystopian Army Fit
      • HD Fit Left
      • Inflate All
      • Slightly Down
      • Slightly Up Ankle
      • Variation 01-02
    • Stocking Right
      • Dystopian Army Fit
      • HD Fit Right
      • Inflate All
      • Slightly Down
      • Slightly Up Ankle
      • Variation 01-02
  • Materials Iray
    • Sci Stylish
      • Main
        • Sci-Stylish Full
        • Sci-Stylish Panties
        • Sci-Stylish Shoes
        • Sci-Stylish Skirt
        • Sci-Stylish Stockings
        • Sci-Stylish Top
      • Bee
        • Bee Full
        • Bee Panties
        • Bee Shoes
        • Bee Skirt
        • Bee Stockings
        • Bee Top
      • Leather 70s
        • Leather 70s Full
        • Leather 70s Panties
        • Leather 70s Shoes
        • Leather 70s Skirt
        • Leather 70s Stockings
        • Leather 70s Top
      • Metal 70s
        • Metal 70s Full
        • Metal 70s Panties
        • Metal 70s Shoes
        • Metal 70s Skirt
        • Metal 70s Stockings
        • Metal 70s Top
    • Spaceset
      • Main
        • Spaceset Full
        • Spaceset Panties
        • Spaceset Shoes
        • Spaceset Skirt
        • Spaceset Stockings
        • Spaceset Top
      • Alt
        • Spaceset 2 Full
        • Spaceset 2 Panties
        • Spaceset 2 Shoes
        • Spaceset 2 Skirt
        • Spaceset 2 Stockings
        • Spaceset 2 Top
      • Black and Gold
        • Black n Gold Full
        • Black n Gold Panties
        • Black n Gold Shoes
        • Black n Gold Skirt
        • Black n Gold Stockings
        • Black n Gold Top
      • Crystal
        • Crystal Full
        • Crystal Panties
        • Crystal Shoes
        • Crystal Skirt
        • Crystal Stockings
        • Crystal Top
    • !Dirt LIE
      • DirtHi Panties
      • DirtHi ShoeL
      • DirtHi ShoeR
      • DirtHi Skirt
      • DirtHi Stockings
      • DirtHi Top
      • DirtLow Panties
      • DirtLow ShoeL
      • DirtLow ShoeR
      • DirtLow Skirt
      • DirtLow Stockings
    • DirtLow Top
      • Full MATs Code Squad
        • Full Light Code Squad
        • Full Light CS Camo
        • Full Light Explorer Dark
        • Full Light Explorer
        • Full Light Cyberpunk
        • Full Strong Code Squad
        • Full Strong CS Camo
        • Full Strong Explorer Dark
        • Full Strong Explorer
        • Full Strong Cyberpunk
      • Full MATs Sci-Stylish
        • Full Light Bee
        • Full Light Leather 70s
        • Full Light SciMetal 70s
        • Full Light Sci-Stylish
        • Full Strong Bee
        • Full Strong Leather 70s
        • Full Strong SciMetal 70s
        • Full Strong Sci-Stylish
      • Full MATs Spaceset
        • Full Light Spaceset A
        • Full Light Spaceset B
        • Full Light Black n Gold
        • Full Light Crystal
        • Full Strong Spaceset A
        • Full Strong Spaceset B
        • Full Strong Black n Gold
        • Full Strong Crystal
    • Additional MATs
      • Stockings Lace
        • Classic01 Beige
        • Classic01 Black
        • Classic01 Orange
        • Classic01 Red
        • Classic01 White
        • Classic02 Beige
        • Classic02 Black
        • Classic02 Orange
        • Classic02 Red
        • Classic02 White
        • Classic03 Beige
        • Classic03 Black
        • Classic03 Orange
        • Classic03 Red
        • Classic03 White
        • Metallic01 Gold
        • Metallic01 Red
        • Metallic01 Silver
        • Metallic02 Gold
        • Metallic02 Red
        • Metallic02 Silver
        • Metallic03 Gold
        • Metallic03 Red
        • Metallic03 Silver
        • Silk01 Black
        • Silk01 Red
        • Silk01 White
        • Silk02 Black
        • Silk02 Red
        • Silk02 White
        • Silk03 Black
        • Silk03 Red
        • Silk03 White
      • Stockings Simple
        • SimpleTop01
        • SimpleTop01_Dyst
        • SimpleTop02
        • SimpleTop02_Dyst
        • SimpleTop03
        • SimpleTop03_Dyst
      • 50 Colors
      • Stockings Styles
        • Sci-Stylish Stockings
        • Bee Stockings
        • Leather 70sStockings
        • Metal 70s Stockings
        • Spaceset Stockings
        • Spaceset 2 Stockings
        • Black n Gold Stockings
        • Crystal Stockings
  • Genesis 8 Female HD Morphs
    • Actor/Aeon Soul/Code Squad 01
      • Stocking HD Fit Left
      • Stocking HD Fit Right
  • Textures Include
    • 295 Base Color, Height, Emissive, Glossy, Metallic, Normal, Roughness
    • Textures are PBR based on the Metallic / Roughness workflow
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
  • Daz Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Required Products:

Code Squad 01 for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: