HumVee Combat

HumVee Combat

HumVee, the Get-Around Vehicle of Modern Warfare

Now you can transport your virtual soldiers to the battle front with the utmost speed. HumVee Combat consists of 20 action poses for Michael 4, including 8 for a driver, front and back riding and shooting passengers, 4 top-gunner poses at the .50 caliber gun, plus 8 shooter poses in and around the HV. There are 2 partial poses for front seat driver and passenger for converting other poses to HV driver and passenger positions, plus 2 loader poses for the 5.56mm assault rifle and 9mm pistol.

There are also 11 poses for the Hummer, several that open various hatches and doors, plus 4 directional poses for the top gun turret. All HV poses include 110% up-scaling to fit M4 to the vehicle. There are 22 soldier poses and 11 for the vehicle, 33 in all.

Included is a MAT pose and Material setting to make the Hummer transparent. A see-through vehicle allows for easier insertion and modification of the poses. Simply re-apply a regular Hummer MAT when you are ready to render.
There is a simple box prop for the turret gunner to stand on. At both the default and up-scaled Hummer size, the turret gunner cannot be properly fitted to the gun without a stand. The gunner's stand is a smart prop and will position along with the 4 gunner poses. You can use the gunner poses without the stand for those renders that show interiors.

Required Products
The Firearm Pack
M4 Army Combat Uniform
Compatible 3D Figures
Michael 4, Michael 4 Elite, Hiro 4, The Freak 4
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • 12 Poses for the M1025 HMMWV: (.PZ2)
    • 110%
    • Driver Door Open
    • Hatchback Open
    • Open 4 Hatches
    • Tailgate and Hatch Open
    • Top Open
    • Top-Hatch-Tailgate Open
    • Turret 0
    • Turret 180
    • Turret 270
    • Turret 90
  • Transparent Material Preset for the M1025 HMMWV (.MC6, .PZ2 and .DS)
  • 24 Poses for Michael 4: (.PZ2)
    • Loader-9mm Pistol
    • Loader-M4A1
    • 0 Driver
    • 00 Driver-Hip
    • Driver Shooting 9mm
    • Driver Shooting M4A1
    • Gunner-180
    • Gunner-270
    • Gunner-90
    • Gunner-Top
    • Passenger- Ft Rt Hip
    • Passenger-Bk-Lf-Shooting
    • Passenger-Bk-Lf
    • Passenger-Bk-Rt-Shooting
    • Passenger-Bk-Rt
    • Passenger-Front Rt
    • Passenger-Ft-Shooting
    • Shooter-01
    • Shooter-02
    • Shooter-03
    • Shooter-04
    • Shooter-Load Mag
    • Shooter-TalkingToDriver
    • Shooter-Waiting
  • Gunner Stand Smart-prop (.PP2)
Compatible figures: 
Combat Poses for Daz Studio and Poser