Creating Your First High Quality 3D Prop

Creating Your First High Quality 3D Prop

Creating Your First High Quality 3D Prop

Learn how to make your first high-quality 3D prop! This course is perfect for artists who want to learn how to use Blender and Substance Painter to make a really nice prop. You’ll learn modeling, UV mapping, texturing, and finally rendering. What you learn in Your First High Quality 3D Prop can be used for all the props you create from now.


You’ll learn beginner-friendly techniques for modeling in Blender. These techniques are both easy to use and incredibly powerful, allowing you to create everything from simple props to film-quality assets. We’ll be using non-destructive modifiers and modeling techniques, allowing us to model our prop fast and effectively!


Learn the easy and powerful "layering" technique used for making amazing PBR textures using Substance Painter. In Creating Your First High-Quality 3D Prop, you’ll get a solid understanding of the most common materials used for film and games today. What you learn will be a foundation for all your future textures.


Make stunning portfolio renders using Cycles in Blender! We’ll take you through, step by step how to make amazing renders, really showing off your work. By the end of the course, you’ll understand how to make beautiful renders time and time again.


Charlie Chunck Trafagander is a Freelance Game Artist, Indie Dev, Tutorial-Maker, and in general a curious mind. Having worked for a few Indie developers, he has been able to touch most roles in game development, which he also likes to break down in various formats on his YouTube channel "Get Learnt". Currently, he is working as a Material Artist in the AAA industry.


It’s recommended you’re comfortable navigating Blender and Substance Painter, as this is not intended to be an introduction to either software. Throughout this series, we will look at how we can use both of these tools to make stunning props.

This is a personal license as stated on the FlippedNormals licensing page.

What's Included and Features

  • Creating Your First High Quality 3D Prop
  • 14 Video Tutorials: (.MP4)
    • 0 – Addon Setup
    • 1 – Model Body
    • 2 – Bevel Weight
    • 3 – Model Earpiece Cord Holder
    • 4 – Model Dial
    • 5 – UV Unwraps
    • 6 – UV Layout
    • 7 – Mesh Export
    • 8 – Mesh Import Bakes
    • 9 – Mat Wood
    • 10 – Mat Plastic Cord
    • 11 – Mat Metals
    • 12 – Mat Final Details
    • 13 – Texture Export
    • 14 – Blender Render
  • Total File size:
    • 1.8 GB
  • Software Used:
    • Blender 2.91
    • Substance Painter 2020

Compatible Software:


Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install