PR-4U is a manned, fully armed flying robotech 3D model. It is designed to be a dreadful, agile and swift sci-fi war machine. It is able to jump, soar, skate, walk and fire a weapon in any pose or position. Interior and exteriors are highly detailed. Wing/engine section can be made invisible and the robomech is still able to walk or skate by itself. Armament consists of a couple of guns in the upper fully rotatory turret, 4 underwing gravity bombs and a total of 10 missiles in the turret, thighs and wings. It has been tested in most 3D programs in the market. Among these programs are Poser 4+, Vue 4+, Bryce 4+, Mojoworld, 3D Max, Carrara, Terragen 2 and Cinema 4D. The powerful PR-4U (Personal Robot For You) is a great complement for any sci-fi still or animated project, whether commercial or non-commercial.

Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Subdivided standalone 3D model.
  • Poser 4+ format.
  • High resolution color UV textures.
  • Main instrument panels and lights with luminance (Ambient) textures.
  • Pre-scaled for Poser figures.
  • Named dials in parameters palette.
  • Unused dials hidden.
  • Moving parts with dials:
    • Infrared.
    • Guns.
    • Turret.
    • Canopy.
    • Harness.
    • Abdomen.
    • All arms sections, including fingers.
    • All legs sections.
    • Turbines.
    • Ailerons.
    • Entry hatch.
    • All missiles and bombs.
  • Joints and limits have been placed.
  • No moving pistons required.
  • 5 full different textures set.
  • 32 pose files, including 5 MAT poses.
  • 8 camera files.
Creatures for Daz Studio and Poser