Creepy Decorated Skull

Creepy Decorated Skull

Creepy Decorated Skull for Halloween and More.

This intricately designed 3D model of a black-patinated skull is the perfect addition to your Halloween decor or virtual scene. The skull is engraved with esoteric symbols, adding a touch of mystery and the top of the skull is cut out to serve as a lid. He is also hollowed out, making it perfect for filling with candy for Halloween or other treats.

Highly detailed 3D model of a black-patinated skull
Engraved with esoteric symbols
Cut-out top for easy filling
Hollowed out for storing candy or other items
Perfect for Halloween decor or virtual scenes

Compatible with:
Other virtual scene software
Get your Creepy Decorated Skull today and add a touch of Halloween spookiness to your home or virtual world!

To open the cover:
Select Cover item in the "SCENE" menu.
In the "PARAMETERS" menu, go to "General" > "Transforms", "Rotation"
Simply use "opening the Cover" parameter.

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