CS01: Fighting Poses for Genesis 8

CS01: Fighting Poses for Genesis 8

Code Squad 01: Fighting is a standalone package that includes 15 interactions a.k.a. 30 unique poses. Additionally you get variants for all the 15 interactions and partial poses.

  • 30 unique poses (=15 interactions)
  • 30 alternative versions (=15 alternative interactions)
  • 240 partial poses
  • Genesis 8 female and Genesis 8 male for all the above

We created 15 unique interactions and an alternative version for each one of them. The alternative versions range from slightly but nicely different, to significantly edited to the point of looking completely different.

This means that in the poses folder you will actually find 60 different full body poses and 240 partial body poses (60 each for body top, body bottom, arms only, legs only). While these poses were created as pairs, many of them can actually mix and match pretty well or well enough with some slight tweaking (when they are intertwined) so you can also look at them as a set of 30+30 (alternative) fighting poses that play well with each other.

Each and every pose was carefully crafted with great attention to details and with the core idea of looking realistic: with body parts that deform because of sudden movements and because they are being hit, sometimes exaggerating these movements because that is what happens when real action takes place in the world, rather than in front of a camera.

All poses were checked from every angle, always working with front, back, left and right cameras on display and rotated all around for a balanced look at 360 degrees (or unbalanced in some cases). All poses were done completely from scratch, to achieve the most balanced, unique and natural look possible. So, don't just look at a pose from the front, explore, rotate, mix and match and tweak them to fit your scene.

Partial poses: make a world of difference! Not all poses will mix and match perfectly, but most will actually mix amazingly well, offering you an even wider range of possibilities and choices. If you ever used a pose package that includes partial poses, you know there is no turning back. The versatility and creativity partial poses offer is something we can't do without and it really helps spark the imagination.

Note that Code Squad 01 skirt includes matching movements for this poses package. So if you own the clothing set, remember to check the included matching movements!

What's Included and Features

  • CS01: Fighting Poses for Genesis 8
  • Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male (.duf)
    • 60 Complete Poses (30 poses + 30 variants)
    • 60 Body Lower (from the hip down)
    • 60 Body Top (from the abdomen up)
    • 60 Limbs Arms (arms only)
    • 60 Limbs Legs (legs only)
      • 00-Zero Pose
      • 01-Elbow Attack 01_A
      • 01-Elbow Attack 01_B
      • 02-Elbow Attack 01_var A
      • 02-Elbow Attack 01_var B
      • 03-Elbow Hit 01_A
      • 03-Elbow Hit 01_B
      • 04-Elbow Hit 01_var A
      • 04-Elbow Hit 01_var B
      • 05-High Kick 01_A
      • 05-High Kick 01_B
      • 06-High Kick 01_var A
      • 06-High Kick 01_var B
      • 07-Jump Over 01_A
      • 07-Jump Over 01_B
      • 08-Jump Over 01_var A
      • 08-Jump Over 01_var B
      • 09-Kneeing 01_A
      • 09-Kneeing 01_B
      • 10-Kneeing 01_var A
      • 10-Kneeing 01_var B
      • 11-Kneeing 02_A
      • 11-Kneeing 02_B
      • 12-Kneeing 02_var A
      • 12-Kneeing 02_var B
      • 13-Low Kick 01_A
      • 13-Low Kick 01_B
      • 14-Low Kick 01_var A
      • 14-Low Kick 01_var B
      • 15-Punch 01_A
      • 15-Punch 01_B
      • 16-Punch 01_var A
      • 16-Punch 01_var B
      • 17-Punch 02_A
      • 17-Punch 02_B
      • 18-Punch 02_var A
      • 18-Punch 02_var B
      • 19-Punch 03_A
      • 19-Punch 03_B
      • 20-Punch 03_var A
      • 20-Punch 03_var B
      • 21-Punch 04_A
      • 21-Punch 04_B
      • 22-Punch 04_var A
      • 22-Punch 04_var B
      • 23-Ready Combat 01_A
      • 23-Ready Combat 01_B
      • 24-Ready Combat 01_var A
      • 24-Ready Combat 01_var B
      • 25-Ready Combat 02_A
      • 25-Ready Combat 02_B
      • 26-Ready Combat 02_var A
      • 26-Ready Combat 02_var B
      • 27-Tackle 01_A
      • 27-Tackle 01_B
      • 28-Tackle 01_var A
      • 28-Tackle 01_var B
      • 29-Very High Kick 01_A
      • 29-Very High Kick 01_B
      • 30-Very High Kick 01_var A
      • 30-Very High Kick 01_var B

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: