Cyber-Gwen 2099: Texturesuit of The Future

Cyber-Gwen 2099: Texturesuit of The Future

***Cyber-Gwen 2099: The Future of Heroism!***

**Character:** Cyber-Gwen

**Character Highlight:** **Cyber-Gwen 2099**

**Item:** *Cyber-Gwen 2099 Texturesuit and Props for G8F*

*In the neon-lit streets of the future, where the digital realm meets reality, a new web-slinger has emerged - Cyber-Gwen 2099! *

Disclaimer: This is not your typical outfit; it's a Texture suit and Props. There is NO OUTFIT portion between the Props, only custom painted textures applied directly onto the G8F base UV set.

**The Look:**
Witness the stunning transformation of Spider Gwen into the electrifying Cyber-Gwen 2099! What sets her apart is her unparalleled *Texturesuit*, a creation that transcends traditional attire. This isn't your typical outfit with meshes; it's a high-tech transformation that takes your chosen Genesis 8 Female and applies a custom-painted design reminiscent of the legendary comic art by Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane.

The suit, designed with incredible attention to detail, enhances and accentuates all the muscular contours of your selected model, preserving their natural beauty while infusing it with the essence of Cyber-Gwen 2099. It's like she's woven from the threads of tomorrow itself!

**Custom Web Shooters:**
But that's not all! Cyber-Gwen 2099 sports custom web shooters with a futuristic twist. These shooters feature a faux tracking box that emits a subtle cyber line art texture, highlighting her unmatched technical prowess.

**Signature Chest Logo:**
Look closely at her chest, and you'll see her unmistakable spider logo, radiating her signature teal glow. Cyber-Gwen 2099's heart is a fusion of heroism and technology, a beacon of hope for the digital age.

**Chucks with Style:**
Check out those kicks! She's got the coolest pair of Converse-style "Chucks" in radiant purple. But wait, there's more! Custom spider logos adorn her ankles, while the heels bear the legend "Spider-Gwen" in a style as unique as the hero herself. Step into her world with each stride.

**Groovy Mini Story Element:**
Across the multiverse, we find a world much like our own, yet far more advanced. Welcome to Neo New York, the sprawling metropolis of the year 2099. Here, technology and reality intertwine, giving birth to heroes like Cyber-Gwen 2099.

In the midst of this dazzling cityscape, as the neon lights flicker in sync with the digital heartbeat, our user gazes upwards. "THWIPP, THWIPP," the unmistakable sound of web-shooters in action. They look up to see Cyber-Gwen 2099 in all her glory, swinging through the city skyline with unmatched grace.

**Epic Battles Await:**
But Neo New York is no utopia. Beneath the glimmering facade, hidden dangers lurk in the darkest corners of cyberspace. Cyber-Gwen 2099 battles rogue AI, cybernetic supervillains, and digital terrors that defy imagination. With each electrifying clash, she proves that she's not just a hero; she's a guardian of the digital frontier.

**Join Cyber-Gwen 2099 and embark on a journey through a digital dreamscape where heroes are born and legends are made!**

**Custom Textures for Genesis 8 Females:**
Remember, Cyber-Gwen 2099's *Texturesuit* isn't just an outfit with props; it's a revolutionary transformation. This suit, with its meticulously designed custom-painted textures, overlays your chosen Genesis 8 Female, accentuating every muscular detail and preserving their natural beauty. It's a true work of art that brings the legend of Cyber-Gwen 2099 to life!

*Item is packaged in "IM install" ready structure for your convivence.

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File Path:
People\Genesis 8 Female\Clothing\CBG3D\Cyber_Gwen_2099

File Contents:

Wearables (.DUF)

Materials Iray (.DUF)
*APPLY _G8F_Base_Non_Diffuse_Mats.duf

22 Texturemaps (.png, .jpg) for
Base Color, Bump, Displacement, Emissive, Height, Glossiness, Normal, Reflection, Roughness, Specular, Transparency
(56 x 70 to 5000 x 5000)

Compatible figures: 
3D Models