D-Talks! - Realtime Talking Chatbot for Daz Characters

D-Talks! - Realtime Talking Chatbot for Daz Characters

Have you ever wanted to make your Daz Studio characters come to life, talking with you in real-time? With D-Talks software, you can do not only that but also use the embedded Speech Recognition system that understands what you say.

D-Talks also comes with a realistic female text-to-speech voice to speak aloud its responses. Finally, your beautiful characters will understand what you say and use the included artificial intelligence to talk back to you. Your characters will have excellent real-time lipsyncing while talking.

No internet access is required! Everything happens locally on your computer.

D-Talks also comes with the Avatar Editor module, which allows you to create your own D-Talks compatible character.

Here in our store at Daz 3D, you can find many additional free and paid avatars to use with D-Talks, as well as extra text-to-speech voices to fit your preferences.

D-Talks also works with any SAPI5 TTS voice you may have already installed on your computer.

D-Talks offers easy-to-use and powerful tools to create intelligent desktop chatbots and AI-driven natural conversational human-machine interfaces with incredible realistic talking avatars.

Demo Video:

What's Included and Features

  • D-Talks! - Realtime Talking Chatbot for Daz Characters:
    • Windows XP,7,8,10, and 11 compatibilities; MAC OS using virtualization software like Parallels (not included)
    • Convert any DAZ Character from Vic 4.1 to Genesis 8.1 to real-time animated talking Avatars
    • Comes with one of the best offline Speech Recognition systems. No Internet is required. The more you speak, the better the recognition becomes.
    • Comes with a realistic and natural female local Text to Speech voice. Avatar's lips are real-time animated and synchronized while the character talks. No Internet is required.
    • Avatar Studio Module to convert your existing DAZ Character to the D-Talks format. A DAZ .duf animation file is included for the mouth animation during speech.
    • Chatbot-like Interface. Type or Speak your sentence and receive a response spoken aloud.
    • Comes with extensive AI content for basic conversation and performing computer tasks.
    • Different from similar web-based applications, it does not rely on an Internet connection to work. This means ultra-fast voice recognition and immediate AI responses using natural synthesized voices.
    • No limit on using either the Speech Recognition and the Text to Speech features to transcribe audio files into text, or generate audio files from text documents.
    • Generate audio files from text
    • You can use the embedded Speech Recognition to speak into any other Windows application, like Word, web browsers, and text files.
    • Transcribe audio files into readable text
    • Connect your custom application to D-Talks!, and use it as your AI Graphic Talking Interface
  • Poses:
    • 1 set of Timeline Full Body poses for Genesis 8 Male and Females

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.20

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: