Dachi Miko for Genesis 8 Female

Dachi Miko for Genesis 8 Female

Dachi Miko may be small in stature but what she lacks in size she makes up for in ambition. Cute, feisty and full of boundless enthusiasm she will conquer any scene. Inspired by 70's Glam Rock, Miko comes with a variety of makeup options that help her stand out in any crowd.

Whether you need a Japanese beauty, a J Pop Star, a powerful rock icon or a figure leaning more towards the sci-Fi and fantasy, Miko will suit your needs. Her purpose is only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

She also comes with multiple eye choices which also incorporate sci-fi and horror options, as well as a base skin, with and without gen hair.

What's Included:


- Head Only
- Body Only
- Zero Head
- Zero Body
- !Zero Morphs


- Dachi Miko Skin
- Dachi Miko Skin - No Gen Hair


- Brown
- Jade
- Ocean Blue
- Lavender
- Honey Yellow
- Neon Pink
- Pentagram Pink (Black Sclera)
- Cyber Red (Black Sclera)
- Red (Bloodshot Yellow Sclera)
- Red (Bloodshot Sclera)


- Frost Blue
- Candy Pink
- White
- Red
- Brown with White Stripe
- Bright Red
- Cosmic Blue
- Cosmic Pink
- Pink with White Stripe
- Black
- Default


- Powder Blue
- Powder Pink
- Subtle gray
- Subtle Red
- Powder gray
- Rock STAR
- Cosmic Blue
- Blue Bolt
- Cosmic Pink
- Pink Bolt
- Glitter Pink
- Glitter Bolt
- Cat
- Default

Nails (Fingernails and Toenails Separated):

- Light Blue and Black (Metallic)
- Pink and Balck (Metallic)
- Silver and Black (Metallic)
- Red and Black (Metallic)
- Silver (Metallic)
- Black and Red
- Blue and White (Metallic)
- Pink and White (Metallic)
- Glitter Pink (Metallic)
- Black
- Default

* Hair, clothing, backgrounds and props not included!

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