Dakota Webb: Web of Secrets Collection

Dakota Webb: Web of Secrets Collection

Dakota Webb: Web of Secrets Collection

Discover a captivating collection featuring two extraordinary characters from the CBG3D Universe. This bundle combines the mystique of "UHD Madame Web: Seer of Fate for Advanced Suit" with the enigmatic charm of "G8F Dakota Webb HD: Embrace The Secret." Dive into their stories, unlock secrets, and embrace the allure of the "DiY Series: Insomniac Spider-Suit for G8F." Explore the limitless possibilities and create your own legendary moments with this exclusive collection.

Discover this CBG3D Heroic Collection, featuring three extraordinary items that will elevate your 3D art to new heights. Dive into the mystique of Madame Web, embrace the secrets of Dakota Webb, and unleash the hero within with the DiY Insomniac Spider-Suit for G8F.

UHD Madame Web: Seer of Fate for Advanced Suit
Expand the enigmatic world of Madame Web with this exclusive expansion. It includes a meticulously crafted blindfold prop with 10 customizable morph sliders, two exclusive animations, and 4K close-up textures. Seamlessly integrate Madame Web's mystique into your renders.

G8F Dakota Webb HD: Embrace The Secret
Unveil the mystique of Dakota Webb HD for G8F, a character infused with secrets and charm. This character includes the "Lie" makeup collection, mesmerizing eye textures, and high-definition skin details. Let Dakota be the heart of your next creative endeavor.

DiY Series: Insomniac Spider-Suit for G8F
Unleash your hero's potential with the DiY Insomniac Spider-Suit. Inspired by Insomniac Games' Spider-Man, this suit features high-resolution textures, customizable zones, and Iray optimization. Join the adventure of Sarah Parker, a daring scientist turned hero, and create legendary moments with the DiY Insomniac Spider-Suit.

File Paths:

UHD Madame Web: Seer of Fate: People\Genesis 8 Female\Materials\CBG3D\UHD_Madame_Web
G8F Dakota Webb HD: People\Genesis 8 Female\Characters\CBG3D\Dakota
DiY Series: Insomniac Spider-Suit: People\Genesis 8 Female\Clothing\CBG3D\Advanced_Suit\FAST_LOAD_Low_HD/

Elevate your 3D artistry with the CBG3D Heroic Collection. Each item is a testament to the craft of storytelling and imagination. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your creative horizons.

"Crafting Dreams, One Pixel at a Time." - CBG3D

For detailed information about each character and the iconic Spider-Suit, visit their respective store pages.

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