Days Of Sorrow Weapons Collection

Days Of Sorrow Weapons Collection

Behold the Days Of Sorrow Weapons Collection!

Forged in the tradition of Fantasy, these finely crafted lethal weapons include a Scythe, Shield, Thurbile, Bow, Knife, and Pistol.

Your characters can unleash judgment and wrath upon terrified worlds with the Days Of Sorrow Weapons Collection in your runtime.

What's Included and Features

  • Days Of Sorrow Weapons Collection: (.DUF)
    • Scene Subsets:
      • Prop Set !Complete
    • Smart Props:
    • Death Scythe Base RT/LT
    • Death Scythe Feminine RT/LT
    • Death Scythe Masculine RT/LT
    • Death Shield Base RT/LT
    • Death Shield Feminine RT/LT
    • Death Shield Masculine RT/LT
    • Famine Thurbile Base RT/LT
    • Famine Thurbile Feminine RT/LT
    • Famine Thurbile Masculine RT/LT
    • Pestilence Bow Base RT/LT
    • Pestilence Bow Feminine RT/LT
    • Pestilence Bow Masculine RT/LT
    • War Knife Base RT/LT
    • War Knife Feminine RT/LT
    • War Knife Masculine RT/LT
    • War Pistol Base RT/LT
    • War Pistol Feminine RT/LT
    • War Pistol Masculine RT/LT
  • Zero Props:
    • Death Scythe
    • Death Shield
    • Famine Thurbile
    • Pestilence Bow
    • War Knife
    • War Pistol
  • Materials:
    • Death Scythe Default
    • Death Shield Default
    • Famine Thurbile Default
    • Pestilence Bow Default
    • War Knife Default
    • War Pistol Default
  • H Poses:
    • Death Scythe Grip Base RT/LT
    • Death Scythe Grip Feminine RT/LT
    • Death Scythe Grip Masculine RT/LT
    • Death Shield Grip Base RT/LT
    • Death Shield Grip Feminine RT/LT
    • Death Shield Grip Masculine RT/LT
    • Famine Thurbile Grip Base RT/LT
    • Famine Thurbile Grip Feminine RT/LT
    • Famine Thurbile Grip Masculine RT/LT
    • Pestilence Bow Grip Base RT/LT
    • Pestilence Bow Grip Feminine RT/LT
    • Pestilence Bow Grip Masculine RT/LT
    • War Knife Grip Base RT/LT
    • War Knife Grip Feminine RT/LT
    • War Knife Grip Masculine RT/LT
    • War Pistol Grip Base RT/LT
    • War Pistol Grip Feminine RT/LT
    • War Pistol Grip Masculine RT/LT
  • Textures Include:
  • 24 Textures for Bump, Normal, and Specular, Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Required Products:

Genesis 9 Starter Essentials

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 9

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.21

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Days Of Sorrow Weapons Collection | 3D Models for Daz Studio