DAZ Content Bundle: Holidays and Celebrations 10-Environment

DAZ Content Bundle: Holidays and Celebrations 10-Environment

All Textures Include:
-Up to 4k Textures
-Optimized for Iray

1. Clacy's Eve House
Who's excited to celebrate Christmas this year? We are! Here is Eve House that is full of Christmas decorations all over the living area, dining area and even in the kitchen! This year will definitely be one of the best Christmas you will have so get this set and create a party with all of your characters! Come in a costume, will you?

What's Included:
EH Box 01
EH Box 02
EH Candle
EH Carpet
EH Casserole 01
EH Casserole 02
EH Ceiling Fan
EH Ceiling
EH Center Table
EH Chair
EH Chandelier
EH Christmas Sock 01
EH Christmas Sock 02
EH Christmas Tree 01
EH Christmas Tree 02
EH Christmas Wreath
EH Cloth
EH Console
EH Cooking Pan 01
EH Cooking Pan 02
EH Couch 01
EH Couch 02
EH Couch 03
EH Dining Table
EH Door 01
EH Door 02
EH Door 03
EH Floor
EH Fork
EH Frame
EH Garland
EH Gift Box 01
EH Gift Box 02
EH Gift Box 03
EH Glass Cup
EH Kitchen Island
EH Knife
EH Lamp
EH Leaf 01
EH Leaf 02
EH Ornament
EH Ottoman
EH Pillow 01
EH Pillow 02
EH Pillow 03
EH Pillow 04
EH Pillow 05
EH Pillow 06
EH Pine Cone
EH Pinlight
EH Plate 01
EH Plate 02
EH Plate 03
EH Poinsettia 01
EH Poinsettia 02
EH Poinsettia 03
EH Poinsettia 04
EH Side Table
EH Spoon
EH Star
EH Television
EH Tray
EH Wall 01
EH Wall 02
EH Wall 03
EH Wall 04
EH Window 01
EH Window 02
EH Window 03
EH Window 04

2. Give Thanks Feast
Every Fall, we get together with family and friends to celebrate gratitude and eat delicious food. Some celebrations are very extravagant, others prefer it simple: a humble dinner together with family and closest friends. That is what you will find with the Give Thanks Feast pack. Turkeys are served with special wines on the side. Always be grateful for what you have now and say thanks.

What's Included and Features:

Give Thanks Feast (.DUF)
Give Thanks Feast Complete

Zero Props:

GTF Apple
GTF Bench 01
GTF Bench 02
GTF Bowl 01
GTF Bowl 02
GTF Bread 01
GTF Bread 02
GTF Candle 01
GTF Candle 02
GTF Candle 03
GTF Candle 04
GTF Carpet
GTF Cheese
GTF Condiment
GTF Fork
GTF Glass
GTF Ground
GTF Ketchup
GTF Leaves
GTF Orange
GTF Pitcher
GTF Placemat
GTF Plate 01
GTF Plate 02
GTF Small Plate 01
GTF Small Plate 02
GTF Spoon
GTF Table
GTF Table Napkin 01
GTF Table Napkin 02
GTF Tea Candle
GTF Tray
GTF Tree 01
GTF Tree 02
GTF Tree 03
GTF Tree 04
GTF Tree 05
GTF Walnut
GTF Wine Bottle 01
GTF Wine Bottle 02
GTF Wine Full
GTF Wine Half

3. Quarantine Birthday Setup
What is it like to have a birthday in the middle of a pandemic and quarantine? No one is invited. With the Quarantine Birthday Setup, the party is so intimate that only immediate family can attend and be socially distant.

The Quarantine Birthday Setup provides the best party in the middle of a pandemic.

What's Included and Features:

Quarantine Birthday Setup: (.DUF)
Quarantine Birthday Preset Complete
Windows, Doors, Toilet Bowl Cover have Open and Close limits

Zero Props:

QBS Alcohol 01
QBS Alcohol 02
QBS Balloon 01
QBS Balloon 02
QBS Balloon 03
QBS Banner
QBS Beer 01
QBS Beer 02
QBS Bowl Cover 01
QBS Bowl Cover 02
QBS Cake 01
QBS Cake 02
QBS Cake 03
QBS Ceiling
QBS Chair
QBS Confetti
QBS Cups
QBS Door 01
QBS Door 02
QBS Floor
QBS Gifts 01
QBS Gifts 02
QBS Hat 01
QBS Hat 02
QBS Juice 01
QBS Juice 02
QBS Juice 03
QBS Pitcher
QBS Plates
QBS Signage 01
QBS Signage 02
QBS Table 01
QBS Table 02
QBS Tissue
QBS Wall 01
QBS Wall 02
QBS Wall 03
QBS Wall 04
QBS Water
QBS Window 01
QBS Window 02
QBS Window 03

4. Easter Brunch
Celebrate Easter Sunday with friends and family! Here's a table setup for an Easter brunch. There's enough space so kids are able to run, plus there's plenty of room to hide the eggs. Have fun with this environment!

What's Included and Features:

Easter Brunch (.DUF)
Easter Brunch Complete Preset

Zero Props:

-EB Bunny 01
-EB Bunny 02
-EB Bunny 03
-EB Bunny 04
-EB Bunny 05
-EB Cabinet 01
-EB Cabinet 02
-EB Cake
-EB Candle 01
-EB Candle 02
-EB Candle 03
-EB Candle 04
-EB Candle Jar
-EB Carpet 01
-EB Carpet 02
-EB Ceiling
-EB Chair 01
-EB Chair 02
-EB Decor 01
-EB Decor 02
-EB Decor 03
-EB Door 01
-EB Door 02
-EB Door 03
-EB Door 04
-EB Easter Eggs 01
-EB Easter Eggs 02
-EB Easter Eggs 03
-EB Easter Eggs 04
-EB Easter Eggs 05
-EB Floor
-EB Glass
-EB Lamp
-EB Main Door 01
-EB Main Door 02
-EB Plate
-EB Stand 01
-EB Stand 02
-EB Table
-EB Tall Candle
-EB Wall 01
-EB Wall 02
-EB Wall 03
-EB Wall 04

5. Halloween Porch
Get ready for the scariest porch you'll ever see with the Halloween Porch! Ready to be tricked, or are you down to go through all these scary decorations to get some treats? Have a spooky Halloween with this set!

What's Included and Features:

Halloween Porch (.DUF)
Halloween Porch Preset Complete

Zero Props:

HP Box 01
HP Box 02
HP Candle
HP Ceiling
HP Coffin
HP Cross
HP Door
HP Fan
HP Fence Door 01
HP Fence Door 02
HP Fence Handle
HP Ground
HP Hammock
HP Hand
HP House
HP Lamp
HP Light
HP Mini Fence
HP Pumpkin 01
HP Pumpkin 02
HP Pumpkin 03
HP Pumpkin 04
HP Pumpkin 05
HP Pumpkin Set
HP Tomb 01
HP Tomb 02
HP Web 01
HP Web 02
HP Web 03

6. Roof Deck Eve
This year has gotten better! We can now celebrate New Year's Eve the old way without having to use face masks as long as you're fully vaccinated! Enter Roof Deck Eve to welcome the year 2022 with a bang and full of hope that this new year will be the best post-pandemic! Have a blast partying all night with lots of alcohol down your throat but don't forget to be a responsible drinker! Enjoy and have a Happy New Year!

What's Included and Features:

Roof Deck Eve (.DUF)
Roof Deck Eve Preset Complete

Zero Props:
RDE 2022
RDE Alcohol 01
RDE Alcohol 02
RDE Alcohol 03
RDE Alcohol 04
RDE Alcohol 05
RDE Alcohol 06
RDE Alcohol 07
RDE Alcohol 08
RDE Alcohol 09
RDE Alcohol 10
RDE Alcohol 11
RDE Apple
RDE Ball Set 01
RDE Ball Set 02
RDE Ball Set 03
RDE Ball Set 04
RDE Ball Set 05
RDE Balloon 01
RDE Balloon 02
RDE Balloon 03
RDE Cake
RDE Candle 01
RDE Candle 02
RDE Candle Set 01
RDE Candle Set 02
RDE Candle Set 03
RDE Center Table
RDE Chair
RDE Chips 01
RDE Chips 02
RDE Cupcake
RDE Decor 01
RDE Decor 02
RDE Dining Table
RDE Disco Ball 01
RDE Disco Ball 02
RDE Door
RDE Floor
RDE Fork
RDE Glass 01
RDE Glass 02
RDE Glass 03
RDE Glass 04
RDE Glass 05
RDE Grass 01
RDE Grass 02
RDE Griller
RDE Jacuzzi
RDE Jellos
RDE Knife
RDE Lantern
RDE Lemon 01
RDE Lemon 02
RDE Mirror
RDE Noisemaker
RDE Placemat
RDE Plant 01
RDE Plant 02
RDE Plate 01
RDE Plate 02
RDE Plate 03
RDE Round Table
RDE Skewers
RDE Sofa
RDE Spoon
RDE Straw
RDE Tray
RDE Trolley
RDE Wall Light
RDE Wall
RDE Year Sign

7. St. Patrick's Dinner
Got invited to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in this backyard? Come and dress in anything green to get into the spirit! Eat green-colored food with everybody at the dinner table that is set up nicely and even drink the water that is dyed green.

Dance your heart out with some Irish music blasting and just have some fun celebrating the holiday with the St. Patrick's Dinner

What's Included and Features:

St. Patrick's Dinner: (.DUF)
St. Patrick's Dinner Preset Complete

SPD Beer
SPD Bench
SPD Cake
02 SPD Candles
SPD Card
SPD Ceiling
03 SPD Centerpieces
SPD Coaster
02 SPD Curtains
04 SPD Doors
SPD Drink
SPD Fence
SPD Floor
SPD Fork
SPD Garnish
SPD House
SPD Knife
SPD Light
04 SPD Plants
02 PD Plates
SPD Post
SPD Rose
SPD Small Fork
SPD Spoon
SPD Stems
SPD Table Mat
SPD Table
02 SPD Trees
SPD Wine

8. Romantic Santorini
Romantic Santorini is a place where you can go on a date with your loved one in an area without so many people around to give you more privacy. This is perfect for an incoming Valentine's Day. Surprise your partner with this set up in a very beautiful location and have a very fun night. Get Romantic Santorini today!

What's included:
- Bouquet
- Candle
- Candlelight
- Floor
- Flower
- Glass
- Candle
- Hanging Plant
- Light Case
- Pavillion
- Petals
- Picture Frame
- Pillows
- Saxophone
- Side Tables
- Sofa
- Table
- Vase

9. Chinese Restaurant
Need a Chinese food fix but not looking for fast food? This Chinese Restaurant offers a full menu of traditional Chinese food to satisfy your cravings all year long. The set includes several props to create a believable dining experience. Set the scene for celebration or a quiet night out at a Chinese Restaurant!

What's included:
- Bouquet
- Buffet Table
- Ceiling
- Center Table
- Chair
- Chopsticks
- Cupcakes
- Cutlery Holder
- Dining Table Set
- Door
- Floor
- Flower Pot
- Glass
- Glass Wine
- Light
- Menu
- Piano
- Piano Seat
- Pillows
- Plants
- Plate
- Small Bowl
- Sofa
- Spoon
- Stage
- Table
- Walls

10. Independence in July
Celebrate Independence Day in style with these exciting events and activities. From fireworks displays to outdoor concerts, find out the best ways to enjoy the Fourth of July festivities in your area.

What's included:
- Audience Chairs
- Balloons
- Barricades
- Basket
- Blankets
- Bread
- Chairs
- Cooler
- Fireworks
- Flag
- Food
- Grass
- Ground
- Hall
- Juices
- Lamp POst
- Light
- Pizza
- Plate
- Trees

3D Models