DD PBR Metal Grille Shaders for Iray Vol 2

DD PBR Metal Grille Shaders for Iray Vol 2

DD PBR Metal Grille Shaders for Iray Vol 2 brings you 21 base metal presets, 17 different grille patterns, 12 premade presets, and a myriad of utility presets, giving you the flexibility to apply the shaders how you want. Plus, the presets are compatible with other DD Grille volumes, giving you even more creative freedom!

Whether you need to render a detailed closeup or apply the shaders to background elements, this pack is the perfect solution. All of the base metal shaders come in 4K resolution for those beautiful closeups, 2K resolution for mid-ground subjects or small renders, and 1K resolution for out-of-focus or background elements. This means you can put less strain on your GFX card, saving valuable resources and giving you faster renders so you can spend more time creating your masterpiece.

Mix and match metals with any of the grille pattern presets, then fine tune them using the 7 metal shine presets and tiling utilities, which allow you to tile the base metal and grille pattern independently of one another or together by using the "tile all" presets. Alternatively, select one of the 12 premade presets and alter any of its features to suit your needs.

Because of the flexibility in tiling options, these shaders can be used for tiny objects such as jewelry right up to entire facade panels on buildings and everything in between.

For a truly unique look, stack multiple meshes with different metal presets and grille patterns (as shown in the backgrounds of the premade presets promos). The possibilities are endless.

Grab your copy of DD PBR Metal Grille Shaders for Iray Vol 2. Get creative and get rendering today.

Optimized for Iray.

What's Included and Features

  • PBR Metal Grille Shaders for Iray Vol 2:
  • Shader Presets:
    • 01 Reset Shader
    • Aluminium Dirty 4K
    • Aluminium New 4K
    • Aluminium New Rough 4K
    • Aluminium Oxidation Heavy 4K
    • Aluminium Oxidation Light 4K
    • Aluminium Scratched 4K
    • Aluminium Scratched Rough 4K
    • Brass Dirty 4K
    • Brass New 4K
    • Brass New Rough 4K
    • Brass Oxidation Heavy 4K
    • Brass Oxidation Light 4K
    • Brass Scratched 4K
    • Brass Scratched Rough 4K
    • Copper Dirty 4K
    • Copper New 4K
    • Copper New Rough 4K
    • Copper Oxidation Heavy 4K
    • Copper Oxidation Light 4K
    • Copper Scratched 4K
    • Copper Scratched Rough 4K
    • Aluminium Dirty 1K
    • Aluminium New 1K
    • Aluminium New Rough 1K
    • Aluminium Oxidation Heavy 1K
    • Aluminium Oxidation Light 1K
    • Aluminium Scratched 1K
    • Aluminium Scratched Rough 1K
    • Brass Dirty 1K
    • Brass New 1K
    • Brass New Rough 1K
    • Brass Oxidation Heavy 1K
    • Brass Oxidation Light 1K
    • Brass Scratched 1K
    • Brass Scratched Rough 1K
    • Copper Dirty 1K
    • Copper New 1K
    • Copper New Rough 1K
    • Copper Oxidation Heavy 1K
    • Copper Oxidation Light 1K
    • Copper Scratched 1K
    • Copper Scratched Rough 1K
    • Aluminium Dirty 2K
    • Aluminium New 2K
    • Aluminium New Rough 2K
    • Aluminium Oxidation Heavy 2K
    • Aluminium Oxidation Light 2K
    • Aluminium Scratched 2K
    • Aluminium Scratched Rough 2K
    • Brass Dirty 2K
    • Brass New 2K
    • Brass New Rough 2K
    • Brass Oxidation Heavy 2K
    • Brass Oxidation Light 2K
    • Brass Scratched 2K
    • Brass Scratched Rough 2K
    • Copper Dirty 2K
    • Copper New 2K
    • Copper New Rough 2K
    • Copper Oxidation Heavy 2K
    • Copper Oxidation Light 2K
    • Copper Scratched 2K
    • Copper Scratched Rough 2K
    • 01 Remove Grille Pattern
    • Pattern Chainlink 01-04
    • Pattern Corolla 01-03
    • Pattern Slotted 01-03
    • Pattern Square 01-03
    • Pattern Swiss 01
    • Pattern Swiss 02
    • Pattern Triangle 01
    • Pattern Triangle 02
    • Chainlink 01 Aluminium Dirty
    • Chainlink 04 Copper Dirty
    • Corolla 01 Copper Scratched
    • Corolla 02 Brass Ox Heavy
    • Slotted 01 Aluminium New
    • Slotted 03 Brass Shiny
    • Square 01 Aluminium Ox Light
    • Square 03 Copper Dirty
    • Swiss 01 Brass Scratched
    • Swiss 02 Copper Ox Light
    • Triangle 01 Aluminium Scratched
    • Triangle 02 Brass Rough
  • Grille Bump Strength Presets:
    • Grille Bump A Off
    • Grille Bump B Low
    • Grille Bump C Med
    • Grille Bump D High
    • Grille Bump E Ultra
  • Metal Normal Strength Presets:
    • Normal Strength A Off
    • Normal Strength B Low
    • Normal Strength C Med
    • Normal Strength D High
    • Normal Strength E Ultra
  • Metallicity Presets:
    • Metal Shine A Mirror
    • Metal Shine B High
    • Metal Shine C Med
    • Metal Shine D Low
    • Metal Shine E Satin
    • Metal Shine F Dull
    • Metal Shine G Rough
  • Tiling Presets:
    • Tile All 01x01, 02x01, 02x02, 03x02, 03x03, 04x04, 05x05, 06x06, 07x07, 08x08, 09x09, 10x10
    • Tile Base Metal 01x01, 02x01, 02x02, 03x02, 03x03, 04x04, 05x05, 06x06, 07x07, 08x08, 09x09, 10x10
    • Tile Grille Pattern 01x01, 02x01, 02x02, 03x02, 03x03, 04x04, 05x05, 06x06, 07x07, 08x08, 09x09, 10x10
  • Textures Include:
    • 187 Texture, Base Color, Displacement, Metallicity, Normal, and Roughness Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.21

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

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