dForce Dragon Wraith Skeleton and Accessories

dForce Dragon Wraith Skeleton and Accessories

A fully articulated dragon skeleton figure with accessories like dForce compliant wing membranes plus jewelry.

The Dragon Wraith is a fully articulated brand new original figure for DAZ Studio! Built from scratch it was created with a selection of accessories. Among them, you will find dForce compliant wing and tail membranes plus draping ornamental ribbons.

Among the accessories are also geografting horns and jewelry add-on for the head.

You can also turn the dragon skeleton into that of a Wyvern! A simple one-click option hides the front legs and scapulae - and gives you even more flexibility for this beast.

Completing the DragonWraith we included four full texture sets created by ForbiddenWhispers. They come with a palette of options for membranes and accessories.

The Dragon Wraith is part of a themed release, featuring the Dragon Wraith Tomb, the Dragon Wraith Master Pose Control and the Drago Osseus Poses! For more details and information, please view the video below.

What's Included and Features

  • dForce Dragon Wraith Skeleton and Accessories: (.DUF)
  • Dragon Wraith !BASE:
    • Fully Articulated
    • Left Foot grasp
    • Right Goot grasp
    • Left Hand grasp
    • Right Hand grasp
    • Neck bend
    • Neck side-side
    • Neck twist
    • Tail bend
    • Tail side-side
    • Tail twist
    • Left/Right Wing fold side
    • Left/Right Wing front-back
    • Left/Right Wing twist
    • Left/Right Wing up-down
    • Left/Right Wingfingers curl
    • Left/Right Wingfingers side-side
    • Left/Right Wingfingers spread
    • Left/Right Wingfingers twist
    • Left/Right Wingfingers up-down
    • Left/Right Wingthumb curl side
    • Left/Right Wingrhumb grasp
    • Adjust Ribs to Scapulae 1
    • Adjust Ribs to Scapulae 2
    • Adjust Wing Scapulae Left
    • Adjust Wing Scapulae Right
    • Ribs thicker
    • Head
    • Skull mean
    • Feet larger
    • Front Legs sturdy
    • Hands larger
    • Hind Legs sturdy
    • Wingbones sturdy
  • Dragon Wraith !dForce ready
  • Dragon Wraith !WYVERN
  • Dragon Wraith Hornlances
  • Dragon Wraith Horns geograft:
    • Fully Posable
  • Dragon Wraith Jeweleyes:
    • Eyes side-side
    • Eyes twist
    • Eyes up-down
    • Irides big
    • Iris big left
    • Iris big right
    • Pupil dilate left
    • Pupil dilate right
    • Pupil slit left
    • Pupil slit right
    • Pupil slit left
    • Pupil slit right
    • Pulis dilate
    • Pupils slit
  • Dragon Wraith Ribbons:
    • Left Bodyribbons front-back
    • Left Bodyribbons twist
    • Left Bodyribbons up-down
    • Left Skullribbons front-back
    • Left Skullribbons twist
    • Left Skullribbons up-down
    • Right Bodyribbons front-back
    • Right Bodyribbons twist
    • Right Bodyribbons up-down
    • Right Skullribbons front-back
    • Right Skullribbons twist
    • Right Skullribbons up-down
  • Dragon Wraith Skullcap
    • Fit Horns
  • Dragon Wraith Tailmembranes dForce:
    • Tailspikes fan-collapse
    • Tailspikes twist
    • Tailspikes up-down
  • Dragon Wraith Wingmembranes dForce:
    • Both L/R Wings Wingspikes side-side
    • Both L/R Wings Wingspikes twist
    • Both L/R Wings Wingspikes up-down
  • Materials:
    • 04 Dragon Wraith !All Set
    • Dragon Wraith !Base Material Tailmembranes
    • Dragon Wraith !Base Material Wingmembranes
    • Dragon Wraith !Hide Handles
    • Dragon Wraith !Show Handles
    • 04 Dragon Wraith Base MAT
    • 04 Dragon Wraith Horns MAT
    • Dragon Wraith Runes MAT Ice
    • Dragon Wraith Runes MAT Lime
    • Dragon Wraith Runes MAT Orange
    • Dragon Wraith Runes MAT REMOVE
    • Dragon Wraith Runes MAT White
    • 04 Dragon Wraith Tail Membranes Torn
    • 04 Dragon Wraith Tail Membranes
    • 03 Dragon Wraith Tail Spikes MAT
    • 04 Dragon Wraith Wing Membranes Torn
    • 04 Dragon Wraith Wing Membranes
    • 03 Dragon Wraith Wing Spikes MAT
    • 04 Dragon Wraith Gemstone Eyes Aged
    • 04 Dragon Wraith Gemstone Eyes
    • Dragon Wraith Horn Lances MAT
    • 06 Dragon Wraith Ribbons W
    • 06 Dragon Wraith Ribbons
    • Dragon Wraith Skullcap MAT
  • Arki's Store Weblink
  • Textures Include:
    • 126 Texture, Bump, Normal, Transparency and Specular Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)
    • Texture Templates available through the Product Library
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Software:

dForce, DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: