dForce Primal Scream Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

dForce Primal Scream Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Whether you're chillin' with lizards great or small, charming snakes or wrestling crocodiles, this outfit was born to be wild.

Whimsikini is a new series that introduces bikini styled outfits, with a fantastical twist. They capitalize on the "Glamazon" styled bikini's of Frazetta and Vallejo renoun. Pair it with a temple.... and a sword ;)

Primal Scream is the first edition, and is a jungle themed bikini with beads and dangling teeth, making it the perfect garb for jungle, prehistoric, tribal or other fantasy type scenes with dragons, cats and more. Shut the teeth off, and you have a lovely beaded bikini you could absolutely use in beach and pool scenes, as well. You can also shut the beads off too, for a strappy, sexy look.

The bikini itself gives optimal coverage, for a more wholesome look. But it will also go more scanty via morphs, if you prefer that look. It also comes with an optional skirt, which transforms it into more of an outfit than just a bikini (or a bikini's sarong - you decide!) You can also pair the top/bottoms with other clothing, like pants, to kitbash a unique and sexy outfit with some tribal punch. In addition, it has strappy sandals and arms, to complete the look (and as these are their own conformers, they are also optional)

This set also has dForce power! The skirt is setup for dForce to get that perfect dynamic look... but if you would rather pose it, you can do that too, for windblowing power! It has 4 bones for posing the skirt and the skirt's ties at the side and blowing it about. It also has leg bend morphs that are created from dforce simulations (giving you the look without the wait) Aside from the skirt itself, the ties on the Top, Arms and Sandals also pose (and all the supported Daz figure morphs have the rig on everything adjusted for them, for smooth and perfect joint transitioning, no matter how extreme the morph)

Also included are 8 materials in many colors, which are reptilian in nature, giving it a look that can be paired with their respective reptiles, or even dragons. The materials on the skirt are tattered out, giving a suitable worn out look for a queen of the jungle. And as always, both Iray and 3Delight materials are included.

What's Included and Features

  • dForce Primal Scream Outfit (.DUF)
  • Full Wearable Preset
  • Primal Scream Top:
    • Chest Out
    • Left Breast Out
    • Left Breast Side Out
    • Lower Strap Back Center Out
    • Lower Strap Back Left Out
    • Lower Strap Back Right Out
    • Lower Strap Front Left Out
    • Lower Strap Front Middle Out
    • Lower Strap Front Right Out
    • Lower Strap Left Out
    • Lower Strap Right Out
    • Mid Back Center Out
    • Mid Back Left Out
    • Mid Back Right Out
    • Mid Front Center Out
    • Mid Front Left Out
    • Mid Front Right Out
    • Mid Side Left Out
    • Mid Side Right Out
    • Neck Lower Strap Left Out
    • Neck Lower Strap Out
    • Neck Lower Strap Right Out
    • Neck Upper Strap Left Chest Out
    • Neck Upper Strap Left Out
    • Neck Upper Strap Right Chest Out
    • Neck Upper Strap Right Out
    • Right Breast Out
    • Right Breast Side Out
    • Upper Ab Front Left Out
    • Upper Ab Front Out
    • Upper Ab Front Right Out
    • Upper Ab Side Left Out
    • Upper Ab Side Right Out
    • Upper Back Center Out
    • Upper Back Left Out
    • Upper Back Right Out
    • Upper Neck Strap Out
  • Primal Scream Arms:
    • Morphs for each Arm
    • Elbow Back Out
    • Elbow Front Out
    • Elbow Top Out
    • Elbow Under Out
    • Lower Forearm Back Out
    • Lower Forearm Front Out
    • Lower Forearm Top Out
    • Lower Forearm Under Out
    • Upper Forearm Back Out
    • Upper Forearm Top Out
    • Wrist Back Out
    • Wrist Front Out
    • Wrist Top Out
    • Wrist Under Out
  • Primal Scream Bottoms:
    • Abdomen Left Out
    • Abdomen Mid Out
    • Abdomen Right Out
    • Back Left Out
    • Back Mid Out
    • Back Panty Left Out
    • Back Panty Mid Out
    • Back Panty Right Out
    • Back Right Out
    • Buttocks Out
    • Crotch Out
    • Front Crotch Out
    • Front Panty Out
    • Front Tooth Belt Out
    • Hip Left Out
    • Hip Right Out
    • Left Buttocks Out
    • Right Buttocks Out
    • Scant Back
    • Scant Full
    • Legs Sit
    • Legs Split
  • Primal Scream Skirt:
    • Left Thigh Bend Back
    • Left Thigh Bend Left
    • Right Hip Out Front Beads
    • Skirt Back Out
    • Skirt Front Out
    • Skirt Right Hip Full Out
    • Skirt Side Out
    • Panty - Abdomen Left Out
    • Panty - Abdomen Mid Out
    • Panty - Abdomen Right Out
    • Panty - Back Panty Left Out
    • Panty - Back Panty Mid Out
    • Panty - Back Panty Right Out
    • Panty - Buttocks Out
    • Panty - Front Panty Out
    • Panty - Front Tooth Belt Out
    • Panty - Hip Left Out
    • Panty - Hip Right Out
    • Panty - Left Buttocks Out
    • Panty - Right Buttocks Out
  • Primal Scream Sandals:
    • Morphs for each Sandal
    • Ankle Back Out
    • Ankle Front Out
    • Ankle Inner Out
    • Ankle Outer Out
    • Foot Out
    • Knee Back Out
    • Knee Front Out
    • Knee Inner Out
    • Knee Outer Out
    • Shin Lower Back Out
    • Shin Lower Front Out
    • Shin Lower Inner Out
    • Shin Lower Outer Out
    • Shin Upper Back Out
    • Shin Upper Front Out
    • Shin Upper Inner Out
    • Shin Upper Outer Out
  • Material Options:
    • Full Outfit H.Mats:
      • Crocodile - Brown
      • Crocodile - Leucistic
      • Lizard - Gold
      • Lizard - Jade
      • Python - Black
      • Python - Red
      • Viper - Crimson
      • Viper - Green
    • Mats for Each Piece:
      • Crocodile Brown
      • Crocodile Leucistic
      • Lizard Gold
      • Lizard Jade
      • Python Black
      • Python Red
      • Viper Crimson
      • Viper Green
    • Utility Mats:
      • Arms - Beads Off
      • Bottoms - Beads Off
      • Bottoms - Teeth Off
      • Sandals - Beads Off
      • Sandals - Teeth Off
      • Top - Beads Off
      • Top - Teeth Off
  • Tutorial - Primal Scream (.PDF)
  • Textures Include:
    • 53 Texture and Bump Maps (2048 x 2048)
    • Texture Templates available through the Product Library
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
  • Daz Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

dForce, DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: