Dial-A-Babe For G8F - Volume 1 (With Textures)

Dial-A-Babe For G8F - Volume 1 (With Textures)

Introducing our new Dial-A-Babe for Genesis 8 Female - Volume 1. It's a fun and easy way to build your own Daz Studio character.

The core of Dial-A-Babe starts with four unique head morphs and six unique body morphs, all of which work well together giving you unlimited possibilities to build your own babe. These are all available as morph dials, but we also included six quick head presets and six quick body presets to get you started. Use the presets as-is or as a starting point. Dial a little, or dial a lot. It's up to you!

Next, Dial-A-Babe comes with nicely detailed skin and minimal blemishes. You get three skin tone translucency presets and three different bump presets. Dial-A-Babe also comes with genital texture support. You get fibermesh eyebrows in five shades, three eyelash styles, and FXY morph dials for eyelashes and nails. It comes with a whole variety of different eye colors, makeups, lips, and nails. We included eight quick presets to scale your babe from 5'0" (152 cm) to 6'0" (183 cm) tall. And since you're going to be mixing and matching different head and body options, we even included five quick presets to adjust the head scale so you can get just the right look.

Finally, we have included six full character presets dialed in and complete with makeup so you can duplicate the babes you see in the promo images. (Using your own hair and clothing, of course).

Here's a breakdown of what you get with this Dial-A-Babe product:

Full Character Load Preset
04 Custom Head Morph Dials
06 Custom Head Presets
06 Custom Body Morph Dials
06 Custom Body Presets
05 Head Scale Presets
08 Height Scale Presets
Full Skin Apply
Genital Texture Apply
03 Skin Tone Translucency Presets
03 Skin Bump Presets
05 Fibermesh Eyebrow Presets
03 Eyelash Styles with FXY Morph Dial
10 Eye Color Presets
08 Eye Liner Presets
10 Eye Shadow Presets
01 LIE Blush Apply
10 Lip Color Presets with 03 Gloss Options
Nails Apply and Remove Presets with FXY Morph Dial
10 Nail Color Presets
06 Full Character Presets with Makeup to Duplicate the Promo Babes

All options and presets are neatly organized in folders for your convenience and ease of use.

This is an original product, and only requires the Genesis 8 Female to use it.

Thank you so much for your interest, and we hope you give it a try. We welcome and appreciate your feedback.


Please note:

Nothing else comes with this product. Hair, clothing, poses, environments, props, and any other scene items visible in the promotional images are used for marketing and promotional purposes only.

This character has been designed for and has been tested on the Genesis 8 Female base character.
Morph dials, skin textures, and makeup options work fine on the Genesis 8.1 Female also.

This product was tested and rendered in Daz Studio 4.15 using a PC. This product has not been tested using a Mac.
All textures are Iray only.

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