Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes

Too many food and drink assets come ready-to-eat, but seldom support rendering scenes of people midway through eating a meal or consuming their drinks. Even rarer are food props that show the soiled plates and glasses afterward. This is where Dirty Dishes comes in!

Plates, Glasses, Cutlery and Food Props

Dirty Dishes contains a selection of crockery, glassware, and cutlery together with high-quality, sculpted food items at varying stages of consumption.

These items contain a built-in dirt surface that uses a variety of dirty-plate material presets. These dirt surfaces have custom normal maps and use displacement to achieve more realistic results. Using the dirt surfaces on the plates together with the food props helps make the meals look real.

At the end of the meal, you can have leftovers, dirty plates, glassware, and even dirty cutlery. And if you want to apply these dirt surfaces to plates from other sets then that can be done using the standalone dForce dirt surface items that are also included!

Ready to go Meals

Dirty Dishes includes a pre-assembled steak dinner, burger and fries, sushi dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, and breakfast containing eggs, bacon, pancakes, and a sliced banana. There is also a pizza slice at three stages of being eaten, and a banana with rigged peels. The food items are individual props, so you can change the arrangement and content of the meals if you desire.

Each meal type has options that correspond to the start, middle, and end of the meal. You can build your own variants from the component items or just use the pre-assembled ones. The meals are loaded as scene subsets with hierarchical groupings that make modifying the placement of food items on a plate easy.

Ready to Go Drinks

Beers, sodas, ice water, tap water, orange juice, milk, and wine variants are all available and ready for posing in the scene. There's even a wearable beer mustache to add some fun.

The pre-assembled drinks contain several component items as necessary, such as a drink residue layer, bubbles, condensation, beer foam, a lipstick decal, and the fluid itself. There are variants for each drink, from full glass to empty, both level and tipped. The fluids contain tipping morphs, but the pre-assembled drink subsets are already setup for your use.

There are additional supporting items too, including coasters, napkins, chopsticks, and a steam prop that aids in telling the story of the meal.

With Dirty Dishes, you can finally tell the complete story of a good meal from the start to finish!

What's Included and Features

  • Dirty Dishes (.DUF)
  • Props with built in dirt surfaces:
    • Dinner Plate (Round) x 1
    • Dinner Plate (Square) x 1
    • Side Plate (Round) x 1
    • Cereal/Soup Bowl x 1
    • Round Dirt Surface with dForce x 1
    • Square Dirt Surface with dForce x 1
    • Rigged Round Dirt Surface for bowls x 1
    • Knife
    • Fork
    • Spoon
  • Glassware and Drinks:
    • Tall/Beer Glass x 1
    • Grooved Drinking glass x 1
    • Plain Drinking glass x 1
    • Wine Glass x 1
  • Materials:
    • 14 Material Options for Plates/Bowls
    • 12 Dirt material options for Plates/Bowls/Dirt Surfaces
    • 8 Dirt Materials for Cutlery
    • 13 Fluid materials
    • 4 Lipstick materials
    • 6 Drink residue materials
  • Pre-Assembled Drink Types:
    • Beer (Beer Glass only)
    • Soda (Beer Glass only)
    • Iced-Water (Beer Glass only)
    • Milk (Grooved Glass and Plain Glass only)
    • Orange Juice (Grooved Glass and Plain Glass only)
    • Tap Water (Grooved Glass and Plain Glass only)
    • Merlot (Wine Glass only)
  • Pre-Assembled Drink Stages:
    • Full
    • Full Sip
    • Half
    • Half Tilted (Beer/Cola/Iced Water Only)
    • Half Drinking
    • Remnant/Almost Empty
    • Glass of Wine Tilted 10 degrees (Wine Glass Only)
    • Glass of wine tilted 20 degrees (Wine Glass Only)
    • Half Full Glass of Wine Tilted 10 degrees (Wine Glass Only)
    • Half Full Glass of Wine Tilted 20 degrees (Wine Glass Only)
  • Additional Drink Assets:
    • Ice Cube
    • Wearable Beer Mustache
    • Prop Beer Mustache
  • Five Pre-Assembled Meal Subset Types:
    • Burgers and Fries with bacon strips and green salad with strawberries on a round plate
    • Pancakes with maple syrup, bacon strips, toast with a poached egg, and a sliced banana on a round plate
    • Spaghetti and Meatballs, with Garlic Bread on a round plate
    • Steak and mushrooms, with mashed potato/gravy and a green salad on a round plate
    • Sushi Roll dinner with wasabi and soy sauce on a square plate
  • Pre-Assembled Meal Stages:
    • Before Eating
    • Partially eaten
    • Remnant/Leftovers
  • Food Prop Components:
    • Arugula
    • Bacon 1-3
    • Bacon 1 with a bite removed
    • Bacon 2 with a bite removed
    • Bacon Remnant
    • Bacon Strips (subset)
    • Bacon Cheeseburger (Whole - subset)
    • Bacon Cheeseburger (Partly Eaten - subset)
    • Bacon Cheeseburger (Remnant - subset)
    • Banana (Unpeeled Whole)
    • Banana (Peeled Inner Whole)
    • Banana (Peeled Inner Bitten)
    • Banana (Half Peeled from Stem End - Rigged Peels)
    • Banana (Half Peeled from Pointy End - Rigged Peels)
    • Banana Slices (11 individual slices)
    • Banana Chopped (set of 11 slices)
    • Bun Top (Whole)
    • Bun Top (Partly Eaten)
    • Bun Top (Remnant)
    • Bun Bottom (Whole)
    • Bun Bottom (Partly Eaten)
    • Bun Bottom (Remnant)
    • Burger Patty (Whole)
    • Burger Patty (Partly Eaten)
    • Burger Patty (Remnant)
    • Burger Patty with Melting Cheese (Whole)
    • Burger Patty with Cheese (Partly Eaten)
    • Burger Patty with Cheese (Remnant)
    • Butter
    • Butter Puddle
    • Butter Melting
    • Carrot Shaving 1
    • Carrot Shaving 2
    • Cheese Cube
    • Cheese Cube Crumbled
    • Cheese grating 1
    • Cheese grating 2
    • Cheese grating 3
    • Cheese slice (Whole)
    • Cheese slice (Partially Eaten)
    • Cheese slice (Fragment)
    • Cheese slice (Corner)
    • Cucumber Slice
    • French Bread (Slice)
    • French Bread (Butter)
    • French Bread Buttered (set)
    • Fries - Order of (salted - subset)
    • Fry 1 (no salt)
    • Fry 2 (no salt)
    • Fry 3 (no salt)
    • Fry 4 (no salt)
    • Fry with Ketchup (no salt)
    • Fry 1 (salt)
    • Fry 2 (salt)
    • Fry 3 (salt)
    • Fry 4 (salt)
    • Fry with Ketchup (salted)
    • Garlic Bread (Slice)
    • Garlic Bread (Remnant)
    • Ketchup
    • Ketchup Smear
    • Leafy 1-9 (baby chard)
    • Lettuce Leaf (Whole)
    • Lettuce piece 1-8
    • Maple Syrup puddle
    • Mashed Potato volcano (Whole)
    • Mashed Potato volcano (Partially Eaten)
    • Mashed Potato volcano (Remnant)
    • Meatball (Whole)
    • Meatball (Bitten)
    • Mustard Smear
    • Pancake Whole (Plain)
    • Pancake Whole (With Syrup)
    • Pancake two thirds (Plain)
    • Pancake two thirds (With Syrup)
    • Pancake one third (Plain)
    • Pancake one third (With syrup)
    • Pancake bite (Plain)
    • Pancake bite (With syrup)
    • Pizza Slice - Pepperoni (Whole - two morphs: Droop and Fold)
    • Pizza Slice - Pepperoni (Bitten - two morphs: Droop and Fold)
    • Pizza Slice - Pepperoni (Crust - one morph: Fold)
    • Poached egg (Whole)
    • Poached egg (Broken)
    • Poached egg (Partially eaten)
    • Poached egg (bite)
    • Poached egg (Yolk Remnant)
    • Salad Base
    • Salad - Green (subset)
    • Soy puddle
    • Spaghetti and Meatballs (Whole)
    • Spaghetti (Remnant)
    • Spaghetti (Mouthful)
    • Steak (Whole)
    • Steak (End)
    • Steak (Strip)
    • Steak (Bite)
    • Steak Juices puddle
    • Strawberry Whole
    • Strawberry Half
    • Strawberry bitten
    • Sushi Roll 1 (Top and Bottom are Different)
    • Sushi Roll 2 (Top and Bottom are Different)
    • Sushi Roll 1 (bitten)
    • Sushi Roll Dinner (subset)
    • Toast (Slice)
    • Toast (Crust)
    • Tomato Slice
    • Tomato Half
    • Tomato Slice bite
    • Tomato Slice bite 2
    • Wasabi Smear
    • Wasabi Blob
  • Other Props
    • Steam Rising
    • 8 inch chopstick
    • 7 inch chopstick
    • Napkin (one side smooth, one side
  • Textures Include
    • 221 Texture, Normal, Opacity, Displacement, Translucency (512 x 512 to 3024 x 3024)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install