DiY Series: CP 2077's Brennan Apollo Motorcycle for DAZ

DiY Series: CP 2077's Brennan Apollo Motorcycle for DAZ

DiY Series: CP 2077'S Brennan Apollo Motorcycle for DAZ.
Unveiling the Details:

1. 50 Customizable Mat Zones: Tailor every inch to your liking.
2. LoD 0 Glory: Nearly 200k vertices for unparalleled detail.
3. AI-Enhanced Textures: Experience upscaled image quality like never before.
4. Pre-Colored Edition: For those who want to hit the road instantly.
5. DiY Color Guide: A roadmap of zones for your personal touch.
6. "REMOVE ALL" Shader Preset: Reset to default with ease. (To use: Select Bike -> Surfaces Tab -> Choose Zones -> Apply Preset)
- Safety First: This feature is tucked away in a separate folder to prevent accidental usage.
7. The CBG3D Standard: Poses Included! And because we love to spoil you, all the dynamic, action-packed poses you see in our promos are included! That's right, you don't have to be a posing pro to make your G8F look like she's straight out of a comic book! (Poses are for G8F)

#### Star of the Show:
Meet Gwen Stacy, your ultimate riding companion. Don't forget to check out "The Real Gwen Stacy," along with our other stunning characters like Rebecca and Lucy, to elevate your 3D experience.

#### About the Brennan Apollo:
This off-road marvel, straight out of Cyberpunk 2077, is a Brennan masterpiece modeled as Apollo. Designed in the utilitarian ENTROPISM style, it's a rugged beast that can hit a top speed of 137 mph. Whether you're cruising through the New United States of America (NUSA) between 2052-2066 or venturing off-road in a dystopian future, this bike is your go-to.

The Apollo was a team effort, featuring the talents of Sebastian Nowak on suspension and wheels, and Adam Daroszewski on the User Interface. Based on a concept by Fillipo Ubertino, this motorcycle is the epitome of style and substance, making it a top choice for those who crave a rugged, off-road experience in the Cyberpunk 2077 universe.

Thank you for choosing our DiY Series. Your digital universe just got a whole lot more exhilarating!

Due to time constraints, please note that there is no rigging for this item.

Iray Render Note:
All features and textures are optimized for DAZ's Iray engine, ensuring photorealistic renders straight out of the box.

"In Pixels We Trust, Rock Defies the Odds, Heroes Forge Their Own Destiny."


*Item is packaged in "IM install" ready structure for your convivence.
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37.2 MB

FILE Contents:

Props (.DUF)

Poses (.DUF)

Materials Iray (.DUF)

Shader Presets Iray (.DUF)

33 Texturemaps (.png, .jpg) for
Base Color, Bump, Displacement, Emissive, Height, Glossiness, Normal, Reflection, Roughness, Specular, Transparency
(8 x 8 to 5000 x 5000)


"Lucy's Midnight Run"

Chapter 1: The Mission Brief
Lucy sat in her dimly lit apartment, her eyes scanning the holographic screen in front of her. The mission was clear: Retrieve a data chip from a heavily guarded facility and get out unnoticed. The Brennan Apollo Motorcycle, parked in her secret garage, was her ride for the night.

Chapter 2: Gearing Up
She donned her Netrunner outfit, making sure her eyes and the bike were set to "stealth mode." With a quick glance at her Brennan Apollo, she admired its newly applied design, all set to blend with the night. "Time to roll," she muttered.

Chapter 3: The Infiltration
Lucy revved the Apollo's engine, its stark black paint gleaming in the moonlight. She navigated through the maze-like streets of the city, the bike's off-road capabilities making it easy to take shortcuts through rough terrains.

Chapter 4: The Heist
She arrived at the facility. Using her Netrunner skills, she disabled the security systems long enough to sneak in and grab the data chip. "Got it," she whispered, her eyes glowing with triumph.

Chapter 5: The Getaway
Security alarms blared, echoing through the empty halls. "So much for going unnoticed," she thought. Lucy sprinted back to her Apollo, slammed the data chip into its concealed storage compartment, and revved the engine.

Chapter 6: The Chase
Security drones were hot on her trail. Lucy pushed the Apollo to its top speed of 137 mph. She initiated the "Chameleon Protocall", making her bike and herself virtually invisible to the drones' sensors.

Chapter 7: Home Free
With a final burst of speed, Lucy lost her pursuers and made her way back to her secret garage. She parked the Apollo, its engine humming softly as it powered down. "Mission accomplished," she sighed, her eyes meeting the bike's headlight as if sharing a secret.

Lucy uploaded the data chip's contents to her secure server. As she leaned back in her chair, she couldn't help but think of her next adventure. And whatever it was, she knew the Brennan Apollo would be right there with her.

The end? No, just another chapter in Lucy's ever-expanding saga.

Thank you for diving into Lucy's world. Your next mission: Experience the Brennan Apollo for yourself.

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