DiY Series: G8F Year One Spider-Gwen

DiY Series: G8F Year One Spider-Gwen

DiY Series: G8F Year One Spider-Gwen

Experience the early days of Spider-Gwen with this handcrafted costume set for Genesis 8 Female. Part of the acclaimed DiY Series, this set captures the essence of Gwen Stacy's initial foray into heroism.

Key Features:
- Authentic Design: Over 15 material zones across four clothing items, embodying Gwen's DIY spirit.
- Versatile Shaders: Includes silk, spandex, and a unique transparent mesh for the eyes.
- Ready-to-Use and Customizable Materials: Pre-designed materials for quick use and a special preset for custom designs.

Vendor Assurance:
As I strive to be the leading provider of Spider-Gwen 3D content, expect unparalleled quality and detail in every aspect of this costume.

Easy Integration:
Designed for Daz Studio, this set is user-friendly and ready for immediate use in your projects.

- 4 Clothing Items
- 8 Shader Presets
- 2 Material Presets (Pre-designed and Customizable)
- High-Resolution Textures

Embrace Creativity:
"DiY Series: G8F Year One Spider-Gwen" is not just a costume; it's a tribute to the beginnings of a hero. Perfect for storytelling and creative expression.

"In Pixels We Trust, Rock Defies the Odds! Heroes Forge Their Own Destiny."

Compatible figures: 
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