DMC Slipping T-Shirt 2 for G8F

DMC Slipping T-Shirt 2 for G8F

DMC (Dforce & Morphs Clothes) T-Shirt 2 - an original from Gramps of Slipables:
+ Fast slip, drop and drape simulation (compared to normal dForce products)
+ Free choice of poses and morphs for slipping garment
+ Simulation of hands under the fabric

Less detail, but uncountable styles: because of the way I combine dForce and morphs, details like hems, buttons, pockets, etc. would be destroyed/distorted during simulation.
To compensate, you get 3D clothing that gives you infinite possibilities to slip and drape.

DMC T-Shirt 2 for Genesis Female 8 - create your own scenes with slipped clothes and take off garment with this loose fitting shirt.

Important: the usage is a bit different from DAZ Mainstream - but with some patience and rethinking you can create great scenes and images.

This package contains:

one dForce T-Shirt (Wardrobe) with 23 morphs
one XT dForce T-Shirt (Prop) for dropping, draping, take off and more
8 Simulation Behavior presets
8 Surface Materials aka "Colors" (Iray only!)
4 QS3 (Quick Start Simulation Setup) to learn how to use the Clothes
some Simulation helper (scripts and one object)
a PDF manual
1 simple Brief (no dForce)


Genesis Female 8
Genesis Female 8.1
PC (Mac not tested)
at least DAZ Studio 4.12 (higher is better)

3D Models