DZ JSuitZ 2 for G8M & G9

DZ JSuitZ 2 for G8M & G9

Unleash the power of the future with our Sci-Fi Full-Body Outfit for Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 9 Male! This remarkable ensemble is designed to take your characters to the next level of style and sophistication. With 12 distinct color textures, you have a universe of possibilities at your fingertips.

But the adventure doesn't stop there – this suit is crafted to perfection with multiple material zones. Customize and create a style that's uniquely yours, blending high-tech aesthetics with your creative vision.

We understand that no two characters are the same, which is why we've included a plethora of adjustment morphs. Whether your character is a futuristic hero, an intergalactic explorer, or a cyberpunk renegade, the morphs will help to fit.

And for those who crave excitement, the GenFits morphs add an extra dimension of fun and versatility to your renders.

Please note that the outfit includes 12 matching textures for DZ BootZ 7 for G8M & G9 (Boots not included). Elevate your DAZ3D creations to new heights with the Sci-Fi Full-Body Outfit. It's time to embrace the future of fashion – get yours today and embark on an epic journey of creativity!

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 9

Software: Daz Studio 4, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Clothing for Daz Studio and Poser