DZ SkimpZ 10 for G9M Only

DZ SkimpZ 10 for G9M Only

Introducing the latest must-have in digital fashion: our sensual leotard bodysuit tailored for DAZ3D Genesis 9 Male. This sleek, form-accentuating outfit is the perfect blend of daring design and sophisticated style, ready to add a touch of allure to your renders.

Select from 5 exquisite color textures to style your characters for any scenario, from the shadowy intrigue of a noir thriller to the high-energy dazzle of a dance floor. Each texture is crafted to enhance the outfit’s sleek silhouette, ensuring your character is the epitome of style in any virtual environment.

The bodysuit is created with multiple material zones, offering an array of customization options to design a unique look that’s as individual as your characters. Adjust, mix, and match to your heart's content, creating a signature style for every scene.

We’ve engineered the bodysuit with a variety of adjustment morphs, ensuring a perfect fit across the diverse range of Genesis 9 Male physiques. The outfit conforms gracefully to each character, promising comfort and style in any pose.

For those who cater to both Genesis 8 and Genesis 9 Male figures, we offer an exceptional bundle pack. This includes separate wearables for each figure and an additional 5 color textures, bringing the total to an impressive 10 options for even more versatility.

Whether it's for a story-driven character or a runway-ready model, this leotard bodysuit and its comprehensive bundle pack provide the ultimate in digital couture. Dive into the world of high fashion with this essential outfit, and watch your Genesis 8 and 9 Males become icons of style

Compatible figures: Genesis 9

Software: Daz Studio 4, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: 
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