DZ SkimpZ 7 for G8M & G9

DZ SkimpZ 7 for G8M & G9

Unleash your character's wild side with our daring Leather Body Strap Suit for DAZ3D Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 9 Male! This provocative pack goes beyond boundaries, featuring not only the tantalizing body strap suit but also pairs of matching arm bands, wrist bands, and thigh bands. With 8 different color textures for each piece, you have the power to craft a look that's as bold and unique as your imagination.

The multiple materials zones in this set make customization a breeze, allowing you to mix and match textures to create a style that's truly your own. Whether you're aiming for an edgy, fetish-inspired scene or just want to inject some intensity into your renders, this suit is your ticket to captivating, boundary-pushing visuals.

But the excitement doesn't stop there – we've included an array of adjustment morphs that help to fit on various character body shapes. And for an extra dose of fun, dive into the world of creativity with the included GenFits morphs, adding a playful twist to your renders.

Elevate your DAZ3D experience with this bold, leather-clad ensemble. Unleash the power of individuality and bring a touch of kink to your virtual world – your characters deserve it! Get the Leather Body Strap Suit pack now and set your renders on fire.

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 9

Software: Daz Studio 4, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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