EArkham's ZWorld Nightmare Oozes

EArkham's ZWorld Nightmare Oozes

Harken back to the old days of fantasy games, where every dungeon was host to a horde of shapeless oozes, ready to devour not just a heroic adventurer, but all their gear as well!

This set includes four separate styles of oozes, ranging from the chunky hallway ooze to the terrifying bone slime, as well as many useful secondary props like dripping slime and bone scatter.

Each of these slimy beasts is rigged and posable, with a variety of colorful material options, and most have fun and unique morphs. These all have easy-to-use pose controls, but several starters poses for each gooey monstrosity are also included to get you going right away!

Don't wait! Grab yourself a dungeon full of gelatinous oozes and terrorize your renders today!

What's Included and Features

  • EArkham's ZWorld Nightmare Oozes: (.DUF)
    • Hallway Ooze
      • Ooze Back-and-Forth
      • Ooze Side-to-Side
      • Ooze Twist
      • Left Pseudopod Out
      • Right Pseudopod Out
      • Ooze Goopy
      • Ooze Squish
      • Ooze Face
      • Ooze Thinner
      • Ooze Upper Splash
    • Small Ooze
      • Agitated
      • Bubbled
      • Growing
      • Pseudopod Bend
      • Pseudopod Side-to-Side
      • Pseudopod Twist
    • Bone Slime
      • Cover Face/Skull
      • Frontal Engulf
      • Gloopy
      • Lower Left Pseudopod Twist
      • Lower Left Pseudopod Front-Back
      • Lower Left Pseudopod Up-Down
      • Lower Right Pseudopod Twist
      • Lower Right Pseudopod Front-Back
      • Lower Right Pseudopod Up-Down
      • Upper Left Pseudopod Twist
      • Upper Left Pseudopod Front-Back
      • Upper Left Pseudopod Up-Down
      • Upper Right Pseudopod Twist
      • Upper Right Pseudopod Front-Back
      • Upper Right Pseudopod Up-Down
    • Ooze Pseudopod
      • Left Pseudopod Twist
      • Left Pseudopod Back-Forth
      • Left Pseudopod Up-Down
      • Right Pseudopod Twist
      • Right Pseudopod Back-Forth
      • Right Pseudopod Up-Down
      • Main Pseudopod Twist
      • Main Pseudopod Bend
      • Main Pseudopod Side-to-Side
  • Nightmare Ooze Props: (.DUF)
    • Bone Scatter A
    • Bone Scatter B
    • Bone Scatter C
    • Floor Slime A
    • Floor Slime B
    • Wall Slime A
    • Wall Slime B
    • Wall Slime C
  • Poses: (.DUF)
    • Bone Slime !Reset
    • Bone Slime Desperate
    • Bone Slime Grapple
    • Bone Slime Rear Attack
    • Bone Slime Wary
    • Hallway Ooze !Reset
    • Hallway Ooze Shudder
    • Hallway Ooze Spin
    • Hallway Ooze Struck
    • Hallway Ooze Wobble
    • Pseudopod !Reset
    • Pseudopod Attack
    • Pseudopod Contorted
    • Pseudopod Probing
    • Pseudopod Twisted
    • Small Ooze !Reset
    • Small Ooze Attack
    • Small Ooze Creeping
    • Small Ooze Grope
    • Small Ooze Turn
  • Material Options:
    • Bone Scatter !Default
    • Bone Slime !Default
    • Bone Slime Amber
    • Bone Slime Crimson
    • Bone Slime Green
    • Bone Slime Watery
    • Hallway Ooze !Default
    • Hallway Ooze Amber
    • Hallway Ooze Murky
    • Hallway Ooze Pink Jelly
    • Hallway Ooze Watery
    • Ooze Pseudopod !Default
    • Ooze Pseudopod Crimson
    • Ooze Pseudopod Green
    • Ooze Pseudopod Purple
    • Ooze Pseudopod Watery
    • Scatter Slimes !Default
    • Scatter Slimes Amber
    • Scatter Slimes Blue Goo
    • Scatter Slimes Crimson
    • Scatter Slimes Watery
    • Small Ooze !Default
    • Small Ooze Amber
    • Small Ooze Bloodied
    • Small Ooze Murky
    • Small Ooze Watery
  • Textures Include:
    • 25 Texture, Normal, Roughness, Thickness, and Translucency Maps (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.20

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install