Easy Nails for Genesis 9 - Morphs and Merchant Resource

Easy Nails for Genesis 9 - Morphs and Merchant Resource

This product includes several morphs for the finger and toe nails for Genesis 9.

Included are morphs to adjust the length of the nails, make them sharp, or transform them to claw nails. You can morph each single nail individually or use the included controls for combined morphing. The included morphs are designed for the Genesis 9 Base figure (Masculine and Feminine) but will work, of course, with all characters that are based on Genesis 9. Results may vary depending on the character being used in particular if the character morph (or other morphs) you are using already alters the nails.

This product is also a Merchant Resource you can use to create commercial character / full-body shape products.
Please refer to the Read Me for Merchant Resource usage terms. The morphs are labeled with the colloquial names for the fingers and toes like "Pinky", "Little Toe" and so on instead of the anatomical/medical names.

What's Included and Features

  • Easy Nails for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
  • Finger Nails:
    • Finger Nails Claws (Left + Right)
    • Finger Nails Length (Left + Right)
    • Finger Nails Sharp (Left + Right)
    • Finger Nails Claws (Left/Right)
    • Finger Nails Length (Left/Right)
    • Finger Nails Sharp (Left/Right)
    • Thumb Nail Claw (Left/Right)
    • Index Finger Nail Claw (Left/Right)
    • Middle Finger Nail Claw (Left/Right)
    • Ring Finger Nail Claw (Left/Right)
    • Pinky Nail Claw (Left/Right)
    • Thumb Nail Length (Left/Right)
    • Index Finger Nail Length (Left/Right)
    • Middle Finger Nail Length (Left/Right)
    • Ring Finger Nail Length (Left/Right)
    • Pinky Nail Length (Left/Right)
    • Thumb Nail Sharp (Left/Right)
    • Index Finger Nail Sharp (Left/Right)
    • Middle Finger Nail Sharp (Left/Right)
    • Ring Finger Nail Sharp (Left/Right)
    • Pinky Nail Sharp (Left/Right)
  • Toe Nails:
    • Toe Nails Claws (Left + Right)
    • Toe Nails Length (Left + Right)
    • Toe Nails Sharp (Left + Right)
    • Toe Nails Claws (Left/Right)
    • Toe Nails Length (Left/Right)
    • Toe Nails Sharp (Left/Right)
    • Big Toe Nail Claw (Left/Right)
    • Index Toe Nail Claw (Left/Right)
    • Middle Toe Nail Claw (Left/Right)
    • Fore Toe Nail Claw (Left/Right)
    • Little Toe Nail Claw (Left/Right)
    • Big Toe Nail Length (Left/Right)
    • Index Toe Nail Length (Left/Right)
    • Middle Toe Nail Length (Left/Right)
    • Fore Toe Nail Length (Left/Right)
    • Little Toe Nail Length (Left/Right)
    • Big Toe Nail Sharp (Left/Right)
    • Index Toe Nail Sharp (Left/Right)
    • Middle Toe Nail Sharp (Left/Right)
    • Fore Toe Nail Sharp (Left/Right)
    • Little Toe Nail Sharp (Left/Right)
  • Shaping Presets:
    • Reset Easy Nails Morphs

Required Products:

Genesis 9 Starter Essentials

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 9

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.22

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: 
Easy Nails for Genesis 9 - Morphs and Merchant Resource | 3D Models for Daz Studio