EJ Body Shape And Detail Morphs For Genesis 8 Male(s)

EJ Body Shape And Detail Morphs For Genesis 8 Male(s)

EJ Body Shape And Detail Morphs for Genesis 8 Male(s) is a pack of 119 morphs, and 7 typical shapes of the male body. You can use them to add natural and detailed features to your characters, or to build fresh new bodies from scratch just with this pack! A must have for Genesis 8 Male!

Made after a deep study of what physical features needed to be available as morphs, these morphs have the shapes that you've been missing like for example: finger knuckles and tendons, collarbone and neck detail, male pectoral shapes, tendons that appear when you flex the hand, the back of kneebone, or the elbows inner and outer parts, muscles of the back, typical male shoulder shapes, belly, ribcage shapes, arms, and torso, and many other features that turn a 3d character into a living man.

You can use these morphs with other Genesis 8 morph packs, or add features to existing characters. You can also just start with Genesis 8 Male Base, and use the morphs to make a unique body, as you won't need anything else actually. This is possible because we added two kind of morphs: some that add physical details like the shape of the collarbone or the finger tendons, and others that set proportions and major features like the thorax size or the shape of abdomen or the chest.

Seven typical Body Shapes are also included, which detail and shape Genesis 8 to each one of the most usual Male body shapes. You can mix and match them too, creating natural body shapes in a glimpse. These presets are just samples of what you can do. The number of new body shapes that you can do with the 119 morphs is virtually unlimited.

This is a morphs product, no textures are included.

EASE OF USE: You just dial in any of the 119 morphs to add the features you need. There is also a pdf guide that is loaded clicking an icon to learn how to adapt clothing to the custom morphs so you can also use them with any clothing.

TYPICAL BODY SHAPE PRESETS: The seven typical Body Shape Presets represent the most usual Male body shapes: Circle, Inverted Triangle, Oval, Rectangle, Square, Trapezoid, and Triangle. This classification, often used in fashion and sports too, helps you to quickly imagine and build an unique body. With the Full Preset Body Shape dials, you can dial any of them as much as you like, and get a natural body, or use the icons to set one of them at 100%. This is also useful to create a body that is similar to someone real that you know, not only perfect models.

USABILITY FEATURES: These morphs work on Genesis 8 Male(s), and all figures based on him.

MERCHANT RESOURCE: These morphs are for a final user as well as to be used as a merchant resource, provided your character is for sale, not for free. You can use these morphs mixed with your existing body morphs or reference them as list them as a requirement. You can't repack these morphs in any way, totally or partially, or claim them as your own.

What's Included and Features

  • 119 Body Shape And Detail Morphs For Genesis 8 Male(s) (.DUF):
    • Adams Apple
    • Angled Shoulders
    • Ankle Detail
    • Armpits
    • Back Thigh Muscle
    • Big Belly
    • Big Hips
    • Big Rib Bones
    • Cervicals
    • Chest Shape 01-07
    • Circle Shape
    • Clavicle Center Strong
    • Clavicle Outer Strong
    • Clavicle Shoulder Depression
    • Collarbone Center Depression
    • Deltoid Back
    • Dimples Of Apollo
    • External Glute
    • External Oblique Lower
    • External Oblique Upper
    • Fat Arms
    • Fat Legs
    • Finger Knucles
    • Finger Tendons
    • Flabby Glutes
    • Flexor Carpi L/R
    • Fold Under Scapula
    • Forearm Tension L/R
    • Glutes Shape 01-07
    • Hand Knucles
    • Hanging Chest
    • Heavy Back
    • Iliac Line Lower
    • Iliac Line Upper
    • Inner Elbow Depression
    • Inverted Triangle Body Shape
    • Knee Back
    • Kneebones Detail
    • L Fasciae Latae Tensor
    • Linea Alba Lower
    • Linea Alba Upper
    • Lower Back Depression
    • Lower Scapula
    • Lower SpineCrease
    • Lower Torso Shape 01-06
    • Lumbar Angle
    • Lumbars
    • Male Belly
    • Natural Male Abdominals
    • Neck Cords
    • Nipple And Areola
    • Outer Chest Depression
    • Outer Elbows
    • Oval Body Shape
    • Over Collarbone Depression
    • Pectorals Center Crease
    • Prominent Stomach
    • Rectangle Body Shape
    • R Fasciae Latae Tensor
    • Ribcage Shape 01-06
    • Shins Tone
    • Shoulders Shape 01-03
    • Small Hips
    • Small Thorax
    • Square Body Shape
    • Squared Shoulders
    • Sternum Protrusion
    • Strong Biceps
    • Strong Clavicle
    • Strong Forearms
    • Strong Hipbone
    • Strong Middle Back
    • Strong Shoulders
    • Strong Sternocleidomastoid
    • Strong Upper Back
    • Strong Upper Legs
    • Thinner Wrists
    • Thin Sternocleidomastoid
    • Thin Waist
    • Throrax Size
    • Toe Knucles
    • Toe Tendons
    • Trapezium Back
    • Trapezoid Body Shape
    • Triangle Body Shape
    • Triceps
    • Under Sternum Depression
    • Upper Abs Only
    • Upper Hip Back
    • Upper Scapula
    • Weak Shoulders
    • Wide Neck
    • Wrists Bone
  • 7 Body Shape Presets (.DUF):
    • Circle Body Shape
    • Inverted Triangle Body Shape
    • Oval Body Shape
    • Rectangle Body Shape
    • Square Body Shape
    • Trapezoid Body Shape
    • Triangle Body Shape
  • Zero Full Body Presets
  • Icon to load pdf tutorial about how to use with clothing


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: