EJ Lorelei Deluxe Pack For Genesis 8 Female

EJ Lorelei Deluxe Pack For Genesis 8 Female

EJ Lorelei Deluxe Pack includes: A gorgeous and detailed character, EJ Lorelei

A multiple looks clothing (bra, shorts, boyshorts, and shirt, which can be used together or independently hiding the rest)

10 expressions to show her personality

Many materials for the clothing and the character

Random makeups, lipsticks, and nail colors. Click and play with the Random icons until you create something unique for her makeup, lips and nails, or use the already existing detailed makeups.

Because of the many options to hide or show parts of the clothing, and the materials included, it can look in very different ways, from sports clothing for the gymn, to Gothic clothing, rocker clothing, casual shirts and shorts, or sexy clothing. You can use it as underwear, boyshorts, bra, shirt, shorts, or any combination of these alone or with other clothing.

It's a complete ready-to-render must have set, that can be used to make new scenes, and she will also look great with any clothing and in every situation.

This pack has the following features:

RANDOM LIPS: A random lipstick maker with 3 presets: Intense (tends to generate stronger colors), Casual (colors based in red, brown and orange for all situations), and Funky (more blue and green and other bold colors)

RANDOM MAKEUP: A random makeup maker that creates eyeshadows for the character. Just click and click and get lots of unique makeups.

RANDOM NAIL POLISH: A random nail polish maker that sets a different color for her nails on hands and feet with every click.

MULTI-LOOKS CLOTHING: Consists in a clothing piece that has parts that can be hidden, or you can show all. It is divided in a bra, a shirt over the bra, boyshorts, and shorts over the boyshorts. You can for example hide the shirt and show the bra with the other parts. Or hide the bra and show only the shirt, or whatever combination you wish. It also has many materials, for the full clothing, and for each of these parts. Mix and match all these materials and choose what you hide and what you show. Some of the materials have transparency, others are opaque. Because of this, it can look like casual clothing, rocker clothing, or sexy clothing.

TEXTURE AND MORPH DETAIL: EJ Lorelei includes a digitally sculpted in Zbrush head and face morph, a highly detailed skin, and a custom morph of extra body features like the folds of the knee bones and elbows, neck, and others

BLUSH: She includes a shader-based natural blush. The blush can be applied or removed in any moment, and combined with any skin tone or makeup.

SKIN TONES: Skin tones are useful to show her in different moments of the year, or being from different ethnicity, or in different moments of her life: the default one, tan skin, darker skin, and pale skin.

TATTOOS: She has tattoos in her leg and abdomen, and they can be used independently or all together.

MAKEUPS: 11 Makeups, including an eyeliner only, Gothic makeup (with dripping tears), smokey eyes, and with stars.

LIPS AND NAILS: 9 lipstick colors, and 7 nail colors, including French nails.

VARIED EYE COLORS You have 10 eye colors to choose, including casual colors like several brown shades or green, blue and brown, and fantasy fire eyes. With them, you can adjust the eyes of the character to any female concept, depending on her ethnicity and hair color. There are three eyelashes to choose, two dark and another one that is colored in White, which you can also change its color to get fantasy options for some characters.

ANATOMICAL ELEMENTS: If you own the Anatomical Elements of Genesis 8 Female, EJ Lorelei includes two material presets for them, with or without body hair.

EXPRESSIONS: EJ Lorelei includes 10 full face expressions, that can be applied with icons and using Pose Control Dials. You can also mix and match the full face expressions applied with the icons with the dials, to change them as you wish. The expressions include the partial upper and lower face expressions.

What's Included and Features

  • EJ Lorelei for Genesis 8 Female (.DUF)
    • 1 Character Preset to Load the Full Character (Head+Body+Materials)
    • 1 Custom Sculpted Head Morph Apply/Remove
    • 1 Body Morph Apply/Remove
    • 1 Extra Body Morph Features Apply/Remove
    • 1 Custom Sculpted Long Nails Apply/Remove
    • 1 Custom Sculpted Stiletto Nails Apply/Remove
    • 1 Full Character Head+Body Morphs Apply/Remove
    • 1 Nipples Apply/Remove
  • 3 Anatomical Elements Options:
    • Genesis 8 Female Anatomical Elements with body hair
    • Genesis 8 Female Anatomical Elements without body hair
  • 4 Skin Tones:
    • Default skin
    • Tan skin
    • Darker skin
    • Pale skin
  • 2 Natural Blush Options:
    • Apply Natural Blush
    • Remove Natural Blush
  • Tattoo Options:
    • Abdomen
    • All Body
    • Leg
    • Remove All
  • 12 Makeup Options:
    • Random Makeup
    • Eyeliner Only
    • Aubergine
    • Brown
    • Green
    • Pink
    • Blue-Pink
    • Golden
    • Blue
    • Blue With Stars
    • Smokey Eyes
    • Gothic Tears
  • 10 Eye Options:
    • Deep Green
    • Green-Brown
    • Light Green
    • Deep Blue
    • Blue-Gray
    • Light Blue
    • Light Brown
    • Brown
    • Dark Brown
    • Fire
  • 3 Eyelashes Options:
    • Brown
    • Dark
    • White
  • 12 Lips Options:
    • Random Casual Color
    • Random Funky Color
    • Random Intense Color
    • Rose
    • Natural Brown
    • Orange
    • Light Rose
    • Mauve
    • Crimson
    • Purple
    • Dark
  • 8 Hand and Feet Nails Options:
    • Random Nail Polish
    • French Nails
    • Rose
    • Brown
    • Purple
    • Turquoise
    • Black
    • Red
  • 5 Random color makers:
    • Random Nail Polish
    • Random Makeup
    • Random Casual Makeup
    • Random Funky Makeup
    • Random Intense Makeup
  • Includes Lips, Makeup, and Nails to natural (no makeup) Resets
  • Expressions for Genesis 8 Female
    • 10 Pose Control Expression Dials
    • 10 Full Face Expressions
    • 10 Lower Face Expressions
    • 10 Upper Face Expressions
    • 1 Full Face Zero Expressions and Dials
    • 1 Zero Expression Dials
  • EJ Lorelei Multilooks Clothing for Genesis 8 Female (.DUF)
    • Shirt
    • Shorts
    • Boyshorts underwear
    • Bra underwear
    • All Applicable Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs Included
    • Reset Smoothing and Morphs Icon
    • Zero Morphs Icon
  • Supported Genesis 8 Female Shapes for the clothing:
    • Victoria 8
    • Aiko 8
    • Teen Josie 8
    • Zelara 8
    • The Girl 8
  • 54 Custom Morphs in the Clothing
  • 6 Hide Options for the clothing
    • Hide Inner Layer
    • Hide Outer Layer
    • Hide Boyshorts
    • Hide Bra
    • Hide Shirt
    • Hide Shorts
  • 8 Materials for the Underwear:
    • Black
    • Red
    • Gray
    • White
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Brown
    • Blue
  • 8 Materials for the Shorts:
    • Black Lace
    • Black
    • Gray
    • White Lace
    • Yellow Lace
    • Pink Lace
    • Brown
    • Blue
  • 8 Materials for the Shirt:
    • Black Lace
    • Black Lace With Red Ornament
    • Black Lace With Skulls
    • White Lace
    • Yellow Lace
    • Pink Lace
    • Dark Gothic
    • Blue Lace
  • 8 Materials for the full clothing:
    • Black Lace
    • Dark Gothic With Red
    • Gray With Skulls
    • White Lace
    • Yellow Lace With Orange
    • Pink Lace
    • Black Gothic
    • Blue Lace
  • Textures Include:
    • 112 Texture, Bump, Normal, Transparency, Displacement, and Specular Maps (1000 x 1000 up to 4096 x 4096)
  • DAZ Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
  • DAZ Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Required Products:

Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: