Elf Village and World Builder

Elf Village and World Builder

Elf Village & World Builder is a highly detailed and realistic Elf Celtic Style Village with a full World Building Kit.

It includes:

16 Pre Set Village Scenes: A full Elf Celtic style village, tree house and garden house contained in a complete World Environment along with a sun dial contained in many diverse environments & settings.

8 Pre Set Nature scenes pure nature scenes that you can use to add your own towns, buildings and characters into. These 8 scenes cover everything from lush riversides with an abundance of plants and trees,to deep mystical forest scenes, or you can build your own scene from scratch, everything is provided and ready to go.

The World Builder includes a river decorated with stones and a large assortment of plants plus sculptured hills and morph-able horizons.

The Elf Celtic Village props consist of 5 Elf Houses which also includes a Tree House and winding stairs , Arches with vines and also a Bridge, Pots, Plants, Grass and Trees, a Garden-Place with a positioned camera in every scene.

There are 15 Scene Buildings that can be applied to any scene or to create your own scene.

Most of these are included in the preset scenes for easy use and fast rendering setups.

There are also

24 Unique Plants and Trees and several creeping vines that can also be applied and re arranged in any scenes.

As well as the different 3D Pine Trees there are also 2D Tree groups that can be positioned in your scene as well plus 11 Pre Positioned and Styled Grass Patches, most of these grass patches have included morphs for added control and realism.

There are two styles of World Terrains to build your village scenes in, you can have either an open atmosphere or a deep forest atmosphere (See Images)

Also includes 12 Sundial Presets that can be applied to the sun for different Sun positions.

2 Internal Light Emitters that can be applied to any scene for extra lighting.

24 Camera Setups & Positions that can be applied to view any scene.

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What's Included and Features

  • Elf Village and World Pak(.DUF)
  • Elf Village 1 to 16
  • Nature Scenes 1 to 8
  • Props
    • 11 Village Houses and extras
      • All Buildings
      • MGXArch1
      • MGXArch2
      • Arches-River
      • EfHouse1-Arches
      • EfHouse1 to 5
      • Garden-Hs+B
      • Gdn-Canopy
      • H2-Fence
      • Pl-Bases
      • WdBridge
    • 24 Trees Plants
      • All Pines
      • MGXAll Plants
      • MGXAll Stones
      • Garden-Plants
      • GH1-Ivy
      • GH2-Ivy
      • H2-Fence-Ivy
      • House1-Ivy
      • PL Azalea
      • PL Buckthorn
      • PL ElephantEars
      • PL Hazel
      • PL LLeaf
      • PL Mapleshrub
      • PL Multileafs
      • PL Weed
      • PLBase-ElEars
      • PLBase-MShrubs
      • TR Pines2D
      • TR Pines2DD
      • TR Pines3D
      • Vines-Arch1
      • Vines-Arch2
      • WPine-3H5
    • 11 All Scene Grass
      • Def Grass1
      • Def GrassA
      • Def GrassB
      • Full Scene Grass
      • Garden Grass
      • House1 to 5 Grass
      • WdBridge Grass
    • 2World Bases
      • Ef-FBase
      • Ef-WBase
  • 14 Sundial Lights
    • Sundial 1 to 12
    • MGX_Def Sphere
    • MGX_Gdn Lights
  • 24 Cameras
    • Cameras 1 to 16
    • Cameras 1 to 8
  • Textures Include
    • 264 Texture Maps (128 x 256 to 5472 x 3648)
  • Optimized for Daz Studio Iray

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install