Bar Italia

Bar Italia

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Visit Bar Italia, the newest place in town! You can drop in for a coffee & croissant during the day, or come for a drink in the evening. And there's plenty to choose from. Soft drinks, wine, champagne and whisky, with all the right glasses and accessories, plus a real italian espresso machine to make your cappuccino, and 3 types of croissant to go with it. There's even a TV to watch, and a full-working cash register where you can pay. All the realistic little details are here, including plugs, switches & sockets, post-it stickies, coasters, bar stools, signs (exit, no smoking, rest rooms, etc), a video arcade machine, and bottles & glasses with morphing liquids.

Bar Italia is a companion pack to Pizzeria Italia (not required), and the 2 packs can be connected to make a combined restaurant & bar. Compatible with Poser 5-6 and Daz|Studio, with separate installers and native content, fully optimised for each program.

There are two separate files for download. One DAZ Studio file and one Poser file at approximately 34Mb.
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Main features
    • Complete pre-built scene for easy loading
    • 2 Bar versions - Rustic or Modern
    • 6 Posable Figures and 56 Props
    • 104 MAT and Pose files
    • 60 Textures
    • Sunlight and Night Light Sets
    • 11-page Help File
  • Figures
    • Bar
      • ERC geometry switching for Rustic or Modern versions
      • Swing doors to pizzeria and front door/rest rooms door
      • Roof and walls with wooden beams
      • Tiled floor or floorboards
    • Bar counter
      • 7 Posable doors and hatch
      • Sink, raised platform and light unit
    • Espresso Machine
      • Posable coffee-holders and steam jets
      • Morphing cable with plug and socket
    • Cash Register
      • Posable cash drawer, inner tray and LCD display
    • Croissant Stand with sliding doors
    • Ceiling Fan with posable blades
    • Includes Null figures for glasses and bottles
    • 3 Pre-saved sets to stock the bar shelves
    • All Figures are supplied in .CR2, .OBJ and .DAZ format
  • Props
    • 7 Bottles with Level and Pour morphs
    • 5 Glasses with Level and Drink morphs
    • Soda-can
    • Soda-bottle
    • Corkscrew, Cork and Measure
    • Cocktail Shaker and Morphing Straws
    • Cup and Saucer Sets - Cappuccino or Espresso
    • 3 types of Croissant
    • Sugar-bowl with posable spoons
    • Coffee-grinder
    • Chocolate Shaker
    • Milk-jug
    • TV with shelf, cable and plug
    • Arcade Machine
    • 2 Bar Stools and Bar Table
    • Trashcan with posable lid
    • Memo board with 'Post-it' Stickies
    • 3 Picture Frames
    • Plugs, Sockets and Switches
    • Receipt and Pen
    • All Props are supplied in .PP2, .OBJ and .DAZ format
  • Presets
    • 59 Presets for bottles, labels and glass
    • 30 Pose presets for objects and figures
    • 15 mixed presets
  • Forthcoming expansion packs
    • Gelateria Italia - Ice-cream parlor
    • Cafe Italia - Outside cafe
Environments and Props for Daz Studio and Poser