Fantasy Castle PLUS

Fantasy Castle PLUS

The Daz Fantasy Castle becomes even more fantastic with Fantasy Castle PLUS.

Over 180 new morphs are included, spanning all the various castle components, allowing you to build the castle of your dreams!

You can even isolate certain castle parts, and use them as totally new parts in your 'castle construction kit'.

Required Products
Fairytale Collection -- Fantasy Castle
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • New morphs added to the Castle parts:
    • Buttress: 8
    • Drawbridge: 27 (Includes a morph to hide the towers, so the other towers may now be used instead of the originals!)
    • Drumtower: 14 (Includes the ability to hide the base and top, so now you can stack drumtowers!)
    • LongWall: 7
    • Tower Bridge: 13
    • Flag: 7
    • Tower1: 22 (Includes morphs to isolate the top tower, the Balustrade, and also the Balustrade with it's base, which can be used as new parts!)
    • Tower 2: 25
    • Square Tower: 15 (Includes a morph so you can now open the door!)
    • Corner: 15
  • New parts pulled from the original mesh, compatible with all DAZ Fantasy Castle Textures:
    • L Corner : 16 (Mirrors the right original corner, to create symmetrical corners)
    • Corner tower:8 (Corner Tower isolated as an additional component to detail to walls, or towers.)
    • Corner: 4 (Plain corner without tower attached)

In addition, the balustrade has been isolated with or without a floor, for pavilion detailing, and tower 002's tower is also isolated with a morph, so it can also be used the add detailing. With these new morphing options, you can modify the original castle parts for varied castle types, or even use some of the parts as standalone buildings or sets!

Environments and Props for Daz Studio and Poser