Pentonville Cell

Pentonville Cell

A Pentonville prison cell as it would have been in the 1840s.

When it was built, each cell had its own toilet and sink, and were heated (slightly) by warm air which circulated through vents in the walls. Prisoners slept on wooden pallets which could be propped against the wall to make space to work.

The set includes a gas lamp to work by, a bible to read in the evenings, a sturdy stool, a gruel bowl and cup.

There is also a copy of the original prison regulations, which were hung in every cell.

The detailed door has an opening food hatch, rotating brass handle and working spyhole.

There is also a solidly built raised bath with a morph for water height, and a bar of carbolic soap

BONUS: Set includes Carrara Shaders

  • DAZ Studio Users: There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for these Presets. DAZ Studio will automatically apply the DAZ Studio version of the Material Presets, giving you the correct DAZ Studio look to your Pentonville Cell.
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Pentonville Cell (.CR2 & .OBJ)
  • Pentonville Toilet Positioned (.CR2 & .OBJ)
  • Pentonville Toilet (.CR2 & .OBJ)
  • Bath (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Bed Positioned (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Bible on Shelf (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Bible (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Blanket (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Cup (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Exhaust Vent (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Gas Lamp Left (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Gas Lamp Right (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Gruel Bowl (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Heating Vent (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Mattress (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Pallet (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Pillow (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Prison Regulations (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Shelves (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Sink (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Soap Left Hand (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Soap on Bath (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Soap Right Hand (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Soap Zeroed (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Stool (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Pentonville Cell Lighting Options (.LT2):
    • Cell Lamp Left
    • Cell Lamp Right
  • Pentonville Cell Material Options:
    • Cell Victorian
    • Gas Lamps Off
    • Gas Lamps On
  • Pentonville Cell Utility Pose Options:
    • Cell Front Hide
    • Cell Front Show
  • Pentonville Cell Hand Pose Options:
    • Soap left hand
    • Soap Right Hand
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DS)
  • Material Poses to Apply All Presets
  • Carrara Shaders
  • P5+ Material Poses (.PZ2)
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